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Free employment law seminars from Peninsula

Press release August 1, 2011 Business

UK business services provider Peninsula is offering free employment law seminars for any business, as well as HR training sessions for clients. The seminars will cover any new legislation and common issues in employment law.

Peninsula is offering delegates from all kinds of businesses the opportunity to attend free employment law seminars. These no-obligation sessions typically last a couple of hours, and take place across the country. Non-clients can book their slot today by visiting the Peninsula website.

Presented by an employment law expert with years of real-life experience, Peninsula's free seminars cover a range of topics; what to expect at an employment tribunal, your legal obligations as a manager, and ensuring best practice in health and safety at work are just a few. Furthermore, you'll be informed of any new or impending legislation that may affect your business, ranging from the Equality Act to the abolition of Default Retirement Age.

These topics will be illustrated by recent case studies, while discussing best practice for employers is sure to stir up some debate. In short, Peninsula will provide delegates with a basic grounding in all the aspects of employment law they should be aware of, and emphasise the importance of protecting the employer/employee relationship.

If you do decide to become a Peninsula client, your company will benefit from free health and safety, employment law and HR training sessions, tailored to your business needs. This bespoke employment law training is provided in addition to the online resource centre and a 24-hour employment law advice hotline.

For further information on this, or any other employment law or health & safety matter, please call our specialist advisors free on 0800 328 9348 and they will be happy to help.

If you are a member of the media and need any further assistance, would like to discuss case studies for a particular feature, or be added to our media contact list, feel free to contact Sammual-James McLoughlin, head of media, press and public relations at Peninsula, on 0161 827 8511 or [email protected]