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Former Homicide Chief: Help Injured Police Officers

Press release December 1, 2017 Alcohol Support the police Charity Rum Thinblueline

A.H. Riise, together with the “The Thin Blue Line” charity foundation, will help police officers who have been injured in connection with their line of duty. The former homicide chief, Ove Dahl, who brought down “Amagermanden” among other cases, is excited about the charity work and urges everyone to support it.

"It is really good that a foundation like ‘The Thin Blue Line’ has been established. There is a need to help police officers who have been seriously injured in connection with the performance of their duties," said Ove Dahl, who was the head of the homicide department of the Copenhagen Police from 2003-2011.

 It was a group of police officers who set up the private relief foundation: “The Thin Blue Line”.

 It started when a police officer was shot in the head in Christiania[1]. A group of police officers got together and started a collection for the officer and his family. Far too soon, it was necessary to collect money again. A few months later, police officer and dog patroller Jesper Jul of the Copenhagen West Region was shot and killed.

 Then, “The Thin Blue Line” again made a collection. The collection helped to make sure that the girlfriend and children of Jesper Jul who were left behind were not forced to leave their home.

A.H. Riise has chosen to support this good cause and has collaborated with “The Thin Blue Line.” Together, we have created a very special, exclusive rum: A.H. Riise The Thin Blue Line Denmark. The rum is an X.O. Reservé Rum. It is a blend made especially for the relief foundation and is extremely tasty.

 Part of the profits from the sale of the rum goes directly to “The Thin Blue Line” for the charity efforts.

 "As citizens of Denmark, it's great to be able to give something back to those who care for all of us. Especially those who get injured on our behalf. It's great to show them our support saying thank you for their efforts in this way," said Michael Bielefeldt, Managing Director of A.H. Riise.

With the collaboration with A.H Riise, “The Thin Blue Line” will now expand its support work, so even more civil servants can benefit from the support.

 "We would like to help injured police officers and their families at all levels. It can be anything from large collections to, for example, connecting mentally injured police officers into a network so they do not stand alone with their problems,” said Allan Beier, police officer and spokesman for “The Thin Blue Line.”

 The support can be used for rehabilitation and as a subsidy for the purchase of aids that may be necessary as a consequence of injuries and so forth, as well as support that can be used to make everyday life easier for the family of the injured.

 The prospect of the increased support is welcomed by the former homicide chief Ove Dahl. After a long career in the police force, he wished that a relief foundation like “The Thin Blue Line” would have already existed many years ago.

 "After the riots at the EU voting on May 18, 1992, I saw many police officers who had to stop working on the force. Some became physically injured, but some were so mentally injured that they could not act as civil servants again. The police officers would have had great enjoyment from a foundation such as “The Thin Blue Line.” So it's great that there is now  someone who can help and support colleagues, even after they have retired,” said Over Dahl.

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[1] Christiania, also known as Freetown Christiania, is a self-proclaimed autonomous anarchist district of about 850 to 1,000 residents, covering 34 hectares in the borough of Christianshavn in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen. Wikipedia


Alcohol Support the police Charity Rum Thinblueline