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Press release March 6, 2013 Health

My Home Trainer On The Benefits Of Mobile Personal Training

The biggest obstacle people face when trying to get fit and healthy at a gym is taking that first step – in other words getting off the sofa and out the front door. And more often than not it is the reason people don’t follow through with their grand schemes to improve their health and wellbeing.

That’s where mobile personal trainers come in…and why they are proving such a hit all around the UK.

Many people have heard the term “personal trainer” but many don’t realise how personal they are. That is something My Home Trainer (MHT) is seeking to put right.

“The great thing about personal trainers is they are mobile,” Craig Tye of MHT explains. “No matter what your working schedule might be, if there’s a local park, gym or appropriate space in your own home mobile personal trainers can be there to train you. If your training needs include a session near to your workplace or after work or even in the lunch break, mobile personal trainers coventry, for example, can make that happen too.”

Whatever excuse you have made not to exercise in the past, there are 101 better reasons to work out and exercise in the future, adds Craig. With personal trainers that come to you, that task is made all the easier.

For anyone who has thought about transforming their abdomen, regaining pre-pregnancy shape, or improving overall fitness, no matter what their age, now really is the optimum time and the quicker they make that momentous decision to begin, the quicker they will see a spectacular difference and appreciate just what they can achieve with a highly experienced personal trainer.

“Imagine looking just how you always wanted to look, feeling years younger. Imagine improving personal performance in every aspect of your life, whether that’s general mobility or training for a specific sport. Want to improve your squash performance or run a marathon for example? Then a bespoke set of training sessions will fulfil your ambition.”

The brilliant thing about personal trainers glasgow or Sheffield, or Birmingham is they don’t just know about exercises; they know about psychology and nutrition too, and have a fantastic grasp of what works and what doesn’t.

For instance, some people may not know that combining a healthy eating plan with a well-structured exercise routine is the only proven way to lose weight and maintain a healthy new look.

“It can incorporate a variety of fun training techniques at home and in the gym, whilst also educating you on what and when to eat will give you the power to manage your weight for good,” says Craig.

The most important factor to health and wellness is nutrition. What people put into their body affects the way it looks, feels, and performs. Analysing their diet using a food diary, and then following a structured and progressive food plan that is realistic and achievable, helpspeople to lose unwanted weight whilst significantly improving their health and lifestyle.

With MHT personal trainers all over the UK, finding one is not a problem.

“Just remember,” says Craig,“why put off what you can achieve today?”

About My Home Trainer:

My Home Trainer is one of the UK's most recognised and leading personal training companies, and is the name that is synonymous with mobile fitness training all over the UK.

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