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Fit Flops set for another great summer

Press release February 20, 2009 Health

Fit Flops were the big hit of the 2008 summer and this year the best selling flip flop brand is back with a new series of hot styles.

Renowned as the flip flop with the gym built in, Fit Flops are the top choice when it comes to combining fashion with fitness for a growing number of women.

The past few years have seen the Fit Flop brand soar to success each summer with their dazzling array of colourful flip flops, all designed to make the wearer look good while giving them a more intense work out while they work.

Using a reversed engineered form of the wobble-board technology, Fit Flops feature a revolutionary sole that's designed to lightly upset the balance of the person wearing them, which in turn stimulated fast twitching muscles in the legs, buttocks and tightening them for impressive results from repeated use.

These fast twitching muscular fibres are typically well developed in sprinters and similar types of athlete who benefit from short and intense activity. The Fit Flops have been so successful in the health and fitness market that they were quickly scooped up by a number of A-list celebrities while being championed by US chat show queen Oprah Winfrey.

The result was soaring summer sales year on year. So for summer 2009, Fit Flops have announce a new range of exciting new styles and vibrant new colours for their best selling Walkstar range.

UK online retailer Fitness Footwear has been a proud stockist of Fit Flops sandals for many years and looks forward to another profitable summer.

Fitness Footwear partner Emma Barlow, said: "Fit Flop has quickly established themselves as both a fashion and a fitness brand, giving their Fit Flops sandals a broad appeal to all kinds of people, but most importantly our loyal customer base who can't seem to get enough of them when the weather starts to get warmer."

Now that the UK snow flurries have ceased and the weather is beginning to get warmer, the Hertfordshire based retailer has already seem their sales of Fit Flops starting to climb and has had to order in extra stocks before the start of summer. The demand for Fit Flops is predicted to be bigger than ever this year despite nationwide recession worries.

In response to this, Mrs Barlow said "Our business has been very fortunate not to suffer from the effects of the recession. It seems that people are cutting back on various luxuries and investing their time and money in their fitness and a number of outdoor activities instead."