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First Ever Matrimonial Site for Divorced/Seperated/Annulled Muslims

Press release October 16, 2009 Business

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A big Welcome to, a personal message from the founder and CEO of the site.  I am a muslim lady in my mid 30’s and have been divorced for 8 years. Yes me too finding it very difficult as  a muslima to find a genuine divorced or separated Muslim man.  We have all been through marriage breakdowns or being separated or divorced. An emotional time which test our strength as muslimas Inshallah we hope and wish for the best for us as muslims.

How many are you finding it difficult as muslims to find a partner?  Are we all judged by our photo’s and appearance rather than what’s in the heart.  Due to experiencing this myself on muslim dating websites, I am very disappointed on how many muslim single dating sites are not serving their purpose and are not seriously managed to help our muslim communities.

 I have seen families suffer in and out of marriages due to circumstances out of our control in separation, annulments, widowed, divorced from arranged and love marriages. We have all suffered through circumstances. In the 21st century the statistics show that there are 2/5 muslims men and muslima’s around the world are now separated, divorced, annulled and widowed and the numbers are growing daily. will be a global exclusive member’s site for serious muslim men & women who are searching for their partner and want to hopefully settle down again Insha’Allah and get married.

Our team will be marketing globally through media channels to help the muslim communities to solve this big problem and to help our muslim brothers & muslimas to reunite with each other. Join us to embrace your life again.

We will also be supporting many muslim and non0muslim charities from our membership fees to help them to achieve their goals through the goodness of our hearts as muslims, and this will be proven by projects and publicity and donations and this will be highlighted in our charity section.