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First Aid for Holiday

Press release June 8, 2012 Health

Make Sure You are Prepared

First aid kits are an essential item that should be kept in the boot of every car, carried in your walking bag, and should always be packed when travelling abroad. They are designed to treat most common or garden injuries and come in a variety of different sizes. Commonly, medical first aid bags include the essentials to deal with minor problems you may encounter, however there is a wide range of kit bags that are specifically designed to help people to treat life threatening conditions. An example of these would be a diabetes kit bag.

A classic diabetes kitbag can hold:

- Blood test machine
- Finger pricker (lancing device)
- Spare sensors
- Two insulin injection pens
- Spare pen needles
- Spare pen refills (insulin cartridges)
- Blood test diary and pen
- Diabetic ID

Not only can products such as these be taken out and about while on holiday but they can also be used on a day to day basis.

Inform me

With the summer fast approaching more and more of us are wanting to get away on a great holiday or small get away, having medical kit bags is just the start. In the unfortunate event of you forgetting to take your medication or have an attack as a result of being in contact with something you are allergic to, then you need to be able to inform the people around you of your condition. The most effective way to do it is by wearing silicone medical bracelets or safety ID. There is a wide range of products to accommodate people of all ages, including Child safety/ Child ID.

Silicone Medical Bracelets

Silicone bracelets are made from super strong dual layer silicone; they are totally waterproof and flexible making them perfect for everyday use. They allow you to specify 2 lines of information with 40 characters per line (including spaces) that will be engraved on using laser engraving technology, so your information never fades or rubs off. There are a range of different sizes available, including; small 6.5inch (166mm) infant/ child, Medium 7.5 inch (190mm) child/ small adult and large 8inch (203mm) adult. 

Medical Record book

Medical Record BookA Medical Record Book is another essential when traveling, and this pocket sized product is a great way to carry your health details/ medical information on the go. This medical passport allows you to record all the medications you are taking, any allergies, family surgical histories, vaccination and immunisation records, emergency contact information and much more. This document can easily be paced with your passport and kept in the knowledge of safety.