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Firebrand Social Media Warns Against Complacency in 2013

Press release February 26, 2013 PR

Online Marketing Campaigns Stagnating and wasting Billions for UK Businesses

Firebrand Social Media has today issued a wide-scale warning to the businesses of the UK against complacency when considering their online marketing campaigns for the year ahead. Having noted a series of massive swings and shifts in both the approaches to and effects of internet marketing strategies in 2012, the company is warning that those not willing to move with the times face blowing billions on largely redundant efforts.

As the web as a whole is growing and evolving by the day, it is really only common sense to expect to have to modify and adapt web marketing efforts in accordance. The advice from Firebrand Social Media is therefore simple – be ready and prepared for what 2013 has in store or risk being left back in 2012.

Evolving Algorithms

Most businesses know that meeting the demands of the various search engines is as much a part of online business as having a website in the first place. However, the various black-hat ploys of low-grade marketing firms force the major search engines to continue making refinements to their algorithms and indexation processes, meaning harder work for those looking to get ahead by ethical means.

As such, successful social media marketing and SEO for 2013 means keeping one step ahead of what the biggest names in the search engine industry have in store, with many of the most common and effective approaches from 2012 having already been made redundant. Or to put it another way – remain with last year’s standard and risk disappearing from the ranking altogether.

The Mobile Movement

In addition, those that ignored the ongoing mobile movement in 2012 and somehow managed to survive were incredibly lucky, though will be anything but in 2013. As of right now, social media for business is no less than 100% dependent on being comprehensively mobile-friendly for the hundreds of millions of subscribers that now use their mobile devices for web access almost exclusively.

It takes an elite authority with a penchant for future-readiness to bring a web marketing and social media campaign up to 2013 standards and beyond – Firebrand Social Media is therefore reiterating its warning that this really is no time for complacency.

About Firebrand Social Media:

Firebrand Social Media comprises a team of world-class social media marketing specialists with a passion and penchant for pre-empting the industry changes of tomorrow for the business of today. Rather than simply acknowledging and working with the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and other market-leaders, Firebrand sets its sight on the future of social media and several lesser-known techniques by which to create promotional campaigns with limitless potential. Visit for more.