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Find Out How Happy You Are At Work and What Influences Your Performance

Press release July 23, 2009 Business

Fill Out Online Questionnaire and Receive Free, Personal & Confidential Report

Oxford, UK, July 23 2009. Want to know how happy you are at work and why? Interested in what influences your performance? Now is the chance to find out through filling out a five minute questionnaire developed by Oxford-based consultancy, iOpener Ltd.

By just clicking on the link or copying and pasting it into your browser, you'll be able to do the iOpener People and Performance Questionnaire (iPPQ). Within 24 working hours, you'll receive your free personal and confidential report. Each report outlines key elements affecting what you think, feel and do at work - how happy you are and why.

Said Jessica Pryce-Jones, iOpener's CEO:

"Whether you work full-time or part-time, are a CEO or graduate trainee, work for a multinational or SME, the report will provide an excellent snapshot into how happy you are at work and the reasons for that. And it will tell you about the sense of pride in and trust towards your organisation as well as whether you feel your contribution is being recognised too."

"While you may think you already know these answers, it can be amazing what a diagnostic tool such as theiPPQ can reveal. At a time of continued economic turbulence and high anxiety levels in the workforce,filling in the questionnaire and receiving our free report could be the best and most enlightening five minutes you ever spend!"

Other elements in the report will include an analysis of the level of belief in your own ability to perform, your perception of your organisation's culture, the extent to which you are engaged with your work, and the sense of achievement and assurance you have in yourself and your organisation.

The report will also cite other revealing facts from iOpener's research including the fact that people who are happiest at work do 22% more at work in terms of productivity than those less happy; and people who are happiest at work take 200% less sick leave than those who are unhappiest.

iOpener ( enables organisations, teams and individuals to deliver strategy, maximise performance and get the best out of their people by increasing happiness levels in the workplace.  Their research-based work focuses on consultancy services, leadership development and coaching.  

iOpener was founded in 2003 by Jessica Pryce-Jones and Philippa Chapman. iOpener has 40 Associates with a wide variety of skills and sector expertise, and a client base which includes leading blue-chip organisations, such as Cisco, Tetra Pak, UBS, Unilever, Vodafone, and Yorkshire Water,  through to less well-known SMEs.