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Fetish Photographer Dirk Hooper in Feature Article of Fashion Magazine “Von Gutenberg”

Press release May 11, 2010 Fashion

The work and biography of fetish photographer Dirk Hooper is featured in issue two of the fantasy fashion magazine "Von Gutenberg".

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, May 10, 2010 – The work and biography of fetish photographer Dirk Hooper is featured in issue two of the fantasy fashion magazine “Von Gutenberg”.  The three-page spread has several of Hooper’s photos and an interview with a brief retrospective of recent events.  “Von Gutenberg” is a new American fetish fashion and lifestyle magazine, published in San Francisco, California.   The magazine focuses on models, alternative couture, photography, and events, in a style reminiscent of the European fetish magazines “Marquis,” “O” and “Skin Two”.

“During my formative years as an artist, it was just this sort of magazine that was a guide and inspiration for the work I do today,” Hooper said.  The opportunity to present his work to “Von Gutenberg’s” audience is very important to Hooper, “While I’m always looking for ways to present my work to a wider audience, this article is a bull’s-eye for my core supporters in the genre I do best, and it’s an honor to be among such great work.”

Three of Hooper’s frequent models are showcased in full page photos.  Toxic Goddess Dame Lebeau is on the splash page in the piece titled “Inked”, which has also been seen in four art shows over the past year.  Oklahoma Professional Dominatrix Princess Zoe is in the stylish photo titled “Matrix”.  The atmospheric photo “Xanthia” features Toxic Goddess Kali with makeup by Danger Darling. 

Issue Two of “Von Gutenberg” magazine has photos by Ken Marcus, Violet Photography and Erik Von Gutenberg himself.  Models in this issue include Ashley Fires, January, Princess Donna, Marissa and Foxy Squire.  The Goth culture, fetish in Greece, the United States Burlesque scene and a fetish guide of Europe is all presented in the second issue.  “Von Gutenberg” magazine is available around the world at your local book stores and newsstands, or is for sale directly at

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Dirk Hooper is a world-renowned fetish and fantasy photographer, fine artist and writer whose work has been described as “forbidden tales to rival the likes of H.P. Lovecraft and the Marquis de Sade.”  Dirk’s publishing credits include such diverse media as comic books, music CDs, art books and slick fetish magazines.  He has also cultivated a reputation as a fine artist in established venues like the prestigious Fred Jones Jr. Art Museum and as an underground visionary in events like “the Dirty Show” in Detroit, “Fetish Project” in Brussels, Belgium and “Siberia” in Utrecht, the Netherlands.  Dirk has work in the permanent collection of the Kinsey Institute based at Indiana University.  Dirk Hooper is the host and creator of “The Fetish Show” podcast and actively helps artists, writers and musicians with self-promotion and social networking.