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Faulty R4 Flash Cards to Cause Chaos This Christmas

Press release December 19, 2012 Electronics

Epidigit Warns of Buying from Unofficial Retailers London, 30th October, 2012:

R4 Flash Cards and 3DS Cards will be given and received by thousands this Christmas – too many of whom will be in for a huge disappointment, according to Epidigit. Over the course of the year, the number of counterfeit and fraudulent r4 card supplies in the UK has exploded, with hundreds destined to make their way into the households of unsuspecting buyers.

The problem with the R4 Card and 3ds card is the way in which a faulty or dysfunctional example has the potential to wreak havoc with the games console it is used in. From resetting data to corruption of firmware and various other consequences, faulty R4 Cards have the potential to leave any gamer not only reeling, but massively out of pocket.

At a Glance

Sadly, actually telling the real-deal from any of the thousands of fakes on the market today is pretty much impossible by sight alone. In fact, it takes a trained eye to notice any real differences even with a detailed inspection at length – something the average buyer will of course be incapable of.

In turn, Epidigit is advising that the only way of ruling out a potentially disastrous Christmas gift this year is to shop with an established R4 Card professional and ensure that all products are backed with concrete guarantees. There are dozens of reputable stockists all over the web today, leaving little to no reason why anyone need roll the dice with a fake.

A Chance Not Worth Taking

Chances are that an online search will bring up endless sellers and resellers offering DS and 3DS Cards for considerably cheaper prices than the rest of the market. Consider however that these ‘bargains’ may equate to maybe a lump of useless plastic or a games console that no longer works and the few extra quid amounts to a risk that really isn’t worth taking.

A quality DS or 3DS Card is cheap, easy to use and can be found all over the web today from a variety of stockists – Epidigit is urging the public not to risk making this Christmas one to remember for all the wrong reasons.

About Epidigit:

Epidigit is a leading UK specialist retailer offering R4 Cards and 3DS Cards for both trade and retail customers. The brand offers a unique level of dedication to customer service and satisfaction, while at all times fronting the campaign for authenticity and the abolishment of counterfeits and fakes. See for further details.