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Father’s Day Bonus For Dads Kicking The Habit

Press release June 17, 2010 Health

Dads across the UK are being encouraged to ditch the cigs for good by taking advantage of a limited edition offer on SmokeStik products this Father’s Day.

The world’s leading e-cig manufacturer is offering a free carry case and USB charger with every SmokeStik starter kit, for people buying the product as a Father’s Day gift.

The company are keen to reward hardworking fathers who they feel are often overlooked in the gifts department.

The SmokeStik, which launched in the UK last year, has proved popular amongst British smokers by providing a nicotine hit without falling foul of the smoking ban. The product contains none of the harmful tar, tobacco or carcinogens found in normal cigs making it a healthier alternative to traditional cigs.

A SmokeStik spokesman said they believe the product makes the perfect Father’s Day gift for anyone hoping to help their father kick the habit.

He said: “Each year dads are given token gifts such as jumpers, ties and socks and I think it would make a change to buy them something that will actually benefit them long term.

“By giving your father a SmokeStik this Sunday you’ll be helping them kick the habit which will benefit not only themselves but the whole family.

“There are a variety of nicotine cartridges on offer depending on the level of dependence meaning that no matter how serious a smoker you are, we’re confident we can wean you off the cigs for good.

“They can be smoked anywhere, even on planes making them perfect for busy dads, and because they don’t omit any harmful smoke they’re a great option for fathers around their children.”

The spokesman believes that the free carry case and USB charger will make a big difference to hard working dads who are constantly on the go.

He said: “As well as getting the SmokeStik starter kit which contains everything a smoker needs to get starter we’re giving dads a handy carry case and USB charger to ensure their SmokeStik is protected and ready for action whenever they feel a nicotine craving.”

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