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Fat Chance Of A Date

Press release October 21, 2009 Health

Obesity is the single biggest turn off when choosing a new partner – a new survey has shown.

The vast majority of the great British public would rather date a slim person they had nothing in common with than an overweight one with the same interests.

A massive 72% of us admitted we wouldn’t date an obese person no matter how attractive a personality they might possess.

Yet more than two thirds of us consider ourselves overweight and admit to trying to fight the flab in a desperate bid to attract a partner.

The research was conducted on behalf of organic weight loss website this week. The survey of adults in the UK found 68% had tried to lose weight by cutting calories and taking more exercise.

But 70% said they had never considered taking a diet pill – with the main reason being suspicion that it may contain dangerous chemical ingredients. However 55% of respondents said they would be more inclined to take an organic supplement such as Proactol which is completely natural and derived from the prickly pear cactus.

Perhaps surprisingly 18% of those surveyed said a cool sense of fashion was more important than obesity and insisted they would date an obese partner if they dressed well.

But at least one respondent said he felt some were being less than honest with their answers. He said: “If people are honest everyone would say obesity was the biggest turn off. Given a choice of Cindy Crawford in a sack or Beth Ditto in a really nice frock I know which one I’d go for.”

Proactol product manager Katie Downing-Howitt said: “What’s most interesting from our point of view is that 68% of the public have tried to lose weight but only 30% say they would consider taking a supplement to assist them.

“Most of those who said they wouldn’t consider a supplement were afraid of potential side effects from what they perceive to be drugs. Yet Proactol is an entirely natural product and, unlike many other products on the market, is 100% organic.

“It is also clinically proven to bind with fat meaning the body absorbs around a third less fat from food as it would otherwise. We are encouraged to see that 55% of people said they would be more inclined to take a supplement which was entirely organic such as Proactol and we would urge anyone interested in losing weight to give it a go as there are no side effects.”


Survey conducted by Pressman PR Ltd on behalf of Proactol Ltd. Based on a sample of 100 adults.

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