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Exquisite exotic artefacts to add drama and exclusive style to your garden

Press release January 18, 2010 Homes & Gardens

For Spring 2010, THE INDIAN GARDEN COMPANY, introduces a new collection of Sun Umbrellas, exotic Tents, garden lanterns - all handcrafted in India and Indonesia and inspired by traditional designs

Inspired by the success of the Raj Collection Parasols, we introduce the large ROYAL RAJ PARASOL. This hand-made garden parasol, exclusive to the Indian Garden Company, is available in the cool, calm tones of Eau de Nil, Lavender-Grey and Milk White. The Maharajahs and Maharanis of India used similar parasols to protect themselves from the fierce Indian sun. Today, they are still used in Indian festivals and pageants.

Great for shading a table, these parasols are entirely handmade by skilled craftsmen. Each part is carefully assembled by hand and the local wood used is sourced from sustainable plantations. The cloth is made from polyester and is water-resistant. The finial and hanging decorations are made from aluminium and stainless steel so they won't rust.

THE PARADISE COLLECTION OF SUN UMBRELLAS from Bali are beautifully handcrafted, functional and eye catching. In hues of Ochre, Silver, Scarlet, Taupe, Nutmeg and Ivory the shades have exquisite hand-painting motives, hand-carved and around the circumference hang luminous mother-of-pearl shells and opaque beads.

In the Indian State of Orissa, young bachelors spend up to a year embroidering umbrellas to take to the marriage fair at Tarnetar. The young men stand under their beautiful umbrella whilst the single girls choose their future husband according to the most eye-catching umbrella.

Our limited edition, ORISSA SUNUMBRELLA, boasts taupe appliqué work with embedded mirrors and a padded interior, all hand-stitched by skilled embroidery artisans in Orissa, India.

RIVIERA GARDEN PARASOL;A limited edition vintage style parasol inspired by the chic glamour of fifties beach parasols.

Umbrella stands don't have to be boring! Our charming ELEPHANT STANDS, LOTUS STANDand CANDLE STAND accommodate any of the Indian Garden Company's umbrellas and parasols. Made of cream sandstone mix, the stands weather beautifully.

The Indian Garden Company's JAIPUR INDIAN TENTS are guaranteed to create an ambience fit for a Maharaja. These billowing canopies offer stylish shelter for all alfresco occasions.  Exquisite craftsmanship make our Japiur tents unique. Each tent is made using traditional Rajasthani techniques and designs that date back hundreds of years.  Each tent has an aluminium or steel frame, water-resistant canvas and the inner fabric is beautifully hand-printed using handcrafted wooden -blocks.

The Indian Garden Company's 2010 collection of handcrafted LARGE WHITE COTTON LANTERNSandJEWEL GLASS GARDEN LANTERNS, look stunning when hung at dusk from the spokes of the parasols or dotted around the garden

Finally, we offer unique and unusual products to decorate internal and external walls. Not a single tree has been cut down to produce the Indian Garden Co's new collection of eco inspired WOODEN-PLAQUE WALL ART.  Here at The Indian Garden Company we've always appreciated the beauty of old wood as its age contributes to its charm. Our wall art is hand-made made from salvaged pieces of wood from old houses, schools and barns in Thailand. Each picture has a flower or plant printed on the wood using a superior screen-printing process that is fade resistant.  They can decorate an inside wall bringing the atmosphere of your garden indoors or the plaques can be coated with an acrylic varnish and adorn and brighten a dull wall outside.


For high-resolution product pictures of the products and artisans or for further information please contact: [email protected]


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