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Experts to share secrets of New Brand Tribalism

Press release October 7, 2009 Business

Leading business innovators are preparing to share their exciting new theory on the way tribal followers of brands are changing patterns of consumption of product, services and employment

The phenomena of New Brand Tribalism (NBT) will be defined and explained at a free one-day seminar in Central London early next month.  The principles of this progressive model are designed to help businesses unlock sustainable growth and improve performance as employees and consumers become increasingly sophisticated and interconnected.

Academics, consultancy firms and leaders in high performing brand organisations have already signed up to share their recent findings and experience. They will set out examples of new tribes in action through innovation, social media and alternative networks. 

Senior managers will hear ideas from contributors like Diesel, Orange and Iceland tackling the challenges posed by staff and customers as they outpace traditional business models relying on traditional ways of communicating and engaging.

The aim of the NBT business model is to enable organisations to align their employees with the business strategy to achieve the brand “sweet spot” by design. It will help progressive senior managers to identify the business context and directional indicators as well as the cultural and people drivers to optimise organisational productivity.

The seminar will analyse internal tribes so that employers will be better placed to bring in the culture, techniques and structures vital for brand and organisational loyalty, leading to higher productivity. The event will also launch a new tribal community to share ideas and offer on-going support on and off-line to those aiming to harness the innovative approaches outlined during the day.

The audience will include senior HR managers and those responsible for organisational design, change and development, brand and customer engagement, employee engagement and internal communications. Academics from the UK’s leading business schools and institutions, Dell, Nationwide, Nokia, Pepsi and Red Bull are among the businesses attending the launch.

New Brand Tribalism has evolved from ground-breaking work carried out by The Alternative, the creative engagement agency, and Rambutan, engagement consultants.

The seminar and launch takes place at Floridita in Wardour Street in the heart of Soho, with a free lunch provided, on Wednesday 4 November.

This is a free invitation-only event. Anyone interested in developing new business models, creating sustainability and competitive advantage can secure a place by contacting Ebenezer Banful on +44 (0) 207 803 0905 or by email at [email protected].

What people are saying about New Brand Tribalism…

“The artificial divides put up between customers, employees, investors and media generators are disappearing with the advent of greater social mobility, social networking and the internet … making nonsense of 20th century impulses to maintain and guard these divisions, which many sections of our society now simply refuse to recognise.”

Tim Bleszynski

Managing Director of The Alternative – founder of New Brand Tribalism

‘In some ways a consumer brand is easier to build than an employee brand because customers don’t have to meet the management.’

David Scott

Managing Director of Rambutan – co-founder of New Brand Tribalism

“Command and control is dead. Location and time is dead. Management in the classical sense is dead. It has to be on different notions. That will be appealing to many people but also scary, very scary for boards.”

Ben Verwaayen

CEO Alcatel-Lucent and Former CEO BT

“The relevance and influence of tribalism now extends far beyond just the relationship between a company and its customers to a more fundamental re-evaluation of how businesses function at the strategic, operational and behavioural levels.”

Avi Shankar

University of Bath School of Management 

The idea that employees are either engaged or not and that, once engaged, that impact on performance is linear – a bit more engagement equals a bit more performance – is overly simple. 

Shashi Balain

The Centre for Performance-Led HR, Lancaster University Management School 

The theory that corporations are evolved tribes opens entirely new ways of thinking about and analyzing modern business organisations.”

Marvin Dunnette,

Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Minnesota


1 The one-day seminar to launch New Brand Tribalism will take place at Floridita at 100 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 0TN. The location can be found at The event is free and lunch is included.

2 The event organisers are The Alternative, the creative engagement agency, and Rambutan, engagement consultants. For more information go to and

3 The brand contributors to the launch include Orange, Diesel and Iceland.

4 The academic contributors to the launch include Professor Jonathan E Schroeder, of the University of Exeter Business School, Shashi Balain and Paul Sparrow, of the Lancaster University Management School, and Avi Shankar, of the University of Bath School of Management.

5 For more information contact Ebenezer Banful. Email [email protected]  Tel 0207 803 0905.