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Experts says - cervical cancer vaccine will reduce cases

Press release February 22, 2010 Health

Cervical cancer vaccine will reduce cases

Cervical cancer is the case that is generally faced by women. According to various health care expert reports, cervical cancer is growing very fast worldwide. It is a cancer that begins in the cells lining in the cervix. The normal cells gradually undergoes in to pre cancerous changes, which then in the latter stage develops cervical cancer. These changes are detected by the Pap test that is taken to treat and prevent development of cancer.

After a huge research and innovations, experts have succeeded in making a vaccine that can guarantee the prevention of cervical cancer. Various health updated reports state, these vaccines will reduce the rates of this disease in women, which will then ultimately curb the ratio of females losing their lives because of this fatal disease.

This vaccine is similar to the other ones that are injected to prevent the human body from various life threatening diseases. Around eight out of ten girls are eligible for the vaccine. For those in the age group of 12 and 13 are provided with Cervarix, that helps in protecting against two strains of HPV(human papilloma virus), the basic triggers of cervical cancer.

This latest invented vaccination programme is strong enough avoiding occurrence of cancer in seven out of ten females. According to researchers around half of the females face the growth of these abnormal cells in initial stages, detection of which can help to cure the cancer by taking various treatments.

More than 100 of the cervical cancer cases can be prevented each year, with the help of HPV vaccines, this will help in a long way to reduce the death rate of females due to this cancer. The number of females spared from having abnormal screening tests can also change drastically.

The original cervical cancer vaccine is FDA approved, and is the greatest source to prevent occurrence of cervical cancer. It works by blocking the cancer causing types of HPV virus and works at the root cause of the cancer. As per recommendations this vaccination series start for girls as early as they are 9 . This activates the immune system before she is likely to get encountered with HPV. This vaccination allows the highest antibody levels which then results in greater protection.

This vaccine will not completely prevent cervical cancer, as it doesn’t provide protection against every type of high risk HPV. Taking up the opportunity to get vaccinated is of equal importance to go for screening tests.

However, it is very important to perform screening test when invited, screening helps in preventing cervical cancer by detecting the abnormal changes in the cervix that are responsible for the development of cancer in the long run.

According to the latest statistics, 1000 women die every year from cervical cancer; the vaccination program aims to at least reduce the ratio to 400 lives per year.

According to experts, if girls continue to take these vaccines, then the future chances of getting affected by cervical cancer can be reduced to a greater extent.

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