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Exclusive Family Fitness Packages Launched by Tim Hayes Fitness

Press release December 19, 2012 Health

A New Approach to Healthcare by London’s Most Elite Personal Trainers London, October 25th, 2012:

Tim Hayes Fitness is delighted to announce the introduction of an all-new and exclusive range of Personal Trainer in London fitness packages, specifically tailored for UK families. As a known pioneer for the industry, Tim Hayes Fitness has taken its championing of family fitness to a whole new level.

As of today, some of the most experienced and passionate personal trainers in the UK will be offering an infinite range of uniquely-tailored health and fitness services with the average UK family in mind. With the winter months approaching and gym memberships by the thousand primed to lapse until spring, there has never been a better time to consider this dynamic new alternative.

Masters in Motivation

Every family knows that once children start something, getting them to stop is nigh-on impossible. It is exactly the same with exercise, therefore the trick is knowing how to get them off the couch and into a healthy activity in the first place – something the team at Tim Hayes Fitness specialises in. It is simply a case of providing enough motivation to begin new habits and letting the rest take care of itself naturally.

And of course, adults are known to be little better over the winter months when the Great British grey and gloom really sets in – does anyone really have the motivation to hit the gym three times a week?

Not many, so why not let Tim Hayes Fitness bring the gym to you and the whole family?

Full Home Service

Remove the upheaval of travelling to the gym from the matter and suddenly the process becomes a thousand-time less daunting. Tim Hayes Fitness offers 100% Personal Fitness Instructor in London services which means that packages can be built uniquely for every client with the needs of themselves and their families in mind.

And to top it all off, the cost of a single personal trainer compared to that of several gym memberships and ongoing transport fees is simply on a different planet altogether.

Tim Hayes Fitness takes great pride in promoting a new approach to family health and fitness for the 21st century – one that none need miss out on.

About Tim Hayes Fitness:

Tim Hayes set out to create the most flexible, realistic and effective mobile personal training program in London – the result being Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness. Today, the business serves the needs of hundreds of clients by offering a unique, personal and adaptive approach to fitness. Tim Hayes trainers are in business to work around the needs, budget and schedule of the client – never the other way around. Visit for more.