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Ex i trip amplifier for SIL 2 applications

Press release May 20, 2009 Electronics

ISpac range expanded by isolator for functional safety

R. STAHL's range of ISpac 9162-type transmitter supply units featuring a limit value contact has been expanded by a new model which can be used in safety orientated process automation applications according to IEC EN 61508/61511. The new model increases the application range of the versatile ISpac isolator series in implementing safety-oriented plants in hazardous areas. The new isolators meet the requirements according to SIL 2, allowing planners and users of process plants to run limit value analyses of intrinsically safe 4...20 mA signals and to fulfil all conditions concerning functional safety. The trip amplifiers feature a very space-saving design.

The new ISpac module is the first solution worldwide to provide intrinsic safety, limit value analysis and SIL suitability while taking up only 17.6 mm on the DIN rail. The units can be installed and operated in zone 2, thus providing users in machine building applications with considerably more flexibility in the planning of plants and machines.

The unit detects cable breaks and short circuits, and directly reports these to the plant operator via LED, error contact and the analog output signal. This allows users to detect and eliminate malfunctions more quickly, thereby increasing the efficiency of production plants. The unit's compact design and easy operation facilitate installation and start-up. It can be mounted on DIN rails or installed as a pac carrier component for efficient integration into safety PLCs.

In addition to the Ex i trip amplifier, R. STAHL also introduces a non-Ex i model, thus providing a wide range of solutions for mixed Ex i and non-Ex i applications.