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Euravia Celebrate 4,000th Engine Unit Delivery

Press release September 30, 2009 Business

On the 17th September 2009, Euravia Engineering celebrated the delivery of the 4000th engine unit to its customers. This landmark is a milestone in Euravia’s history in delivering high quality products to over 50 different customers in 5 continents.

Despite the current international economic climate, Euravia is on track in doubling its business by the end of 2011.  The 4,000th engine unit celebration corresponds with the increased production of PT6A and PT6T engines and the Design related work that Euravia undertakes for its customers.

“We are proving our robustness in a volatile market in 2009 and we are confident that this will be our best year to date and next year will be even better,” said Dennis Mendoros, Euravia’s owner and Managing Director.  “Euravia is now a major MRO player, not only in the international PT6 turboprop market, but also the helicopter PT6T turboshaft sector. This substantially enhances Euravia’s competitive position in servicing both small operators and very large PT6 fleets, both domestically and internationally.” 

 “The 4,000th celebration is unmistakable proof of Euravia’s ability and commitment in supporting our customers around the globe with superior, reliable engines, on-time delivery and extremely competitive prices,” Dennis continues.  “We will continue to grow through our continued commitment to our existing customers, extending our first-class services to new customers and by developing new strategic international ventures and partnerships.”