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Espoo embraces Fronter as its virtual learning environment

Press release April 17, 2013 Education

The municipality of Espoo, to the west of Helsinki in Finland, is implementing Fronter as its virtual learning environment. As soon as the learning platform went live for all users it became the number one web site in the city of Espoo.

The implementation phase of the Learning platform ran from August 2012 until February 2013. The very next month, Fronter climbs to the top as the most popular web site.

The platform is a secure learning environment that offers digital resources, tests and collaborative tools online. “Using the new virtual learning environment in a structured way has clearly enhanced student motivation,” says Antti Ylä-Rautio, Principal of Taavinkylä elementary school and early adopters of the Fronter learning platform.

Finland is recognised for having one of the best education systems in the world with highly skilled and motivated teachers. Finnish teachers are empowered to make decisions that affect their pupils and were heavily involved in the process that led to selecting Fronter as the right platform for Espoo.

Fronter has a lot of experience with city-wide implementations of the learning platform from roll-outs in Oslo, London and Helsinki and value close collaboration with the local education authorities. “Espoo has a clear strategy for ICT in its schools and we are very happy to work with them to realise that strategy by providing the platform, teacher training and pedagogical design consultancy,” says Idar Ramberg, General Manager of Fronter Nordic. Together with the city of Espoo his organisation rolled out a 6 month training programme to make sure all 31 000 teachers and pupils were able to put the benefits of the platform to use quickly.  

In line with the holistic approach of Finnish education, the 400 sessions of training were not reserved for teachers alone. All those involved in the local education system, such as councillors, psychologists, nurses, IT departments and administrative staff were included for a full on implementation of what the City of Espoo has called its most central system for the learning community. 

“Fronter trainers are bringing back stories of great enthusiasm and motivation from the schools in Espoo,” says Kenneth Vuorinen, at Fronter’s office in Finland. “Teachers are eager to start using education technology to the benefit of their pupils, and we are excited to be a part of it”.

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