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Equitable Settlement AG – Swiss Factoring-Business on Course for Growth

Press release October 9, 2009 Economy

Swiss financial service provider gains rapid importance with efficient accounts receivable management for SMEs – customer base grows significantly – Enormous Potential on the Market for Single Invoice Discounting

Taegerwilen, Switzerland, October 9 2009 – Equitable Settlement AG, with Head Office in Switzerland, is on course of growth with its innovative business concept of receivable trade – particularly Factoring. Factoring is a special financial service for financial short-term turnover. “We specifically acquire receivables out of product and service negotiations to finance the short-term turnover of our clients, by providing immediate payments for such outstanding receivables”, explains Naschaat Siam, Equitable Settlement AG’s CEO, and adds: “Depending on the agreement, we pay up to 95% of the receivable’s sum, already on presentation of the invoice.”

The Market for Single Invoice Discounting brings enormous potential: In Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone, B2B receivables of several hundred billion euros become outstanding – an ideal business environment for Equitable Settlement AG, who stands out through constructive actions and solution-oriented proceedings for creditors and debtors. Bearing in mind, that in the business year 2007, Equitable Settlement AG’s customer base has already been more than sextupled; the amount of the assigned receivables has increased tenfold. This rapid development has been exceeded in 2008.

Through the progressing shortfall of banks and as a creditor for SMEs (Basel II-accord, “credit crunch”), Factoring Businesses increasingly gain importance, as reliable partners for medium-sized businesses. With their special-solution offers in the field of Factoring, Equitable Settlement AG also reaches smaller companies as clients, which would have fallen through the cracks, due to laborious examination process, had they contacted other suppliers. The possibility to provide its debitors with the desired payment targets, still winning fast liquidity, is a valuable advantage in competition for entrepreneurs.

One of Equitable Settlement AG’s characteristic is the approach to find realistic and fair solutions, with creditors and debtors, for the payment of such receivables. A chance needs to be established for the debtors, to remain solvent and creditworthy, shall payment difficulty arise.

Only if amicable solutions are not possible, despite all the efforts, or when a client emphatically wishes so, legal actions will be taken. “We are particularly proud of our efficient Legal Department, who supports our clients dynamically and on a professional basis on the enforcement of their receivables”, adds Naschaat Siam.

Before Equitable Settlement AG accepts receivables from entrepreneurs, an extensive assessment is undergone, by means of a debitors-profiling-procedure. Due to long experience and expertise, as a financial service provider, Equitable Settlement AG is able to shortly estimate receivables realistically, and can therefore quickly make a binding offer to the creditor. Such expertise is acknowledged by the tax authorities in Germany and Switzerland. The Swiss Factoring-Company supports debtors with operation analysis and recapitalizationconcepts, in such a way as to enable them to restore their solvency in many cases.

About the company:Equitable Settlement AG, with Head Office in Switzerland and branch offices in Europe and America, is an innovative and international financial service provider, with a focus on receivable trade. One of Equitable Settlement AG’s core competences is the collaboration with creditors and debtors, to find realistic solutions for the payment of such receivables. Equitable Settlement AG’s clients are SMEs, e.g. trade and repair businesses, service providers, industrial businesses and wholesalers. Equitable Settlement AG’s special range of services contain, amongst others, Single Invoice Discounting (the purchase of individual due and overdue receivables at a discounted price), Factoring (in the three variants: Single Invoice Factoring, Selected Debtors Factoring and Full Service Factoring), Clearing (the coordination within the flow of payment, especially foreign business transactions), provisions of guarantees and letter of credit, as well as management consultancy and financial reconstructing of debts.

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