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Enlightened Marketing changing traditional CRM

Press release October 5, 2010 Business

“No human being is an island, so it’s no longer useful to consider them as one.”

Sooner or later, you are going to have to decide whether you want to get competitive by continually lowering your prices or by investing in the one advantage your competitors can’t replicate: your engaged, valuable, community.  It’s time for your 20th Century CRM focussed purely on transactions, data and efficiency to evolve; it’s time for some Enlightened CRM.

Today marks the launch Milana Marketing, a consultancy specifically designed to help organisations adopt a more enlightened approach to customer relationships, enabling them to better compete in a world where increasingly customers are more democratised than ever before.  

Societal, environmental and technological changes in the marketplace are forcing organisations to adapt to a new social dynamic. The tried and tested business thinking has become tired and testing and the associated models that have been used must also evolve and respond.  CRM, Social CRM, direct marketing, loyalty marketing- call it what you will, at the end of the day, it’s really all about relationship-building and engagement, it can also mean the difference between future prosperity and struggle or decline.   

In short, Enlightened CRM presents many opportunities to build a distinctive presence that can serve as a building block of high performance: a method to potentially accelerate the sales process, influence and connect more tightly with customers at lower cost and in a way that provides a real differentiation from competitors.  “It’s not just about the customers who connect to your brand; it’s the communities they create – and the other communities, networks and brands they connect to as well” states  Nazia Khan, Managing Partner, Milana Marketing.

“Working with a pioneering brand like Harley Davidson as they activated and influenced their advocates and brand fans, I have been able to understand the principles behind building a flourishing and sustainable community. It’s with this thinking together with insights and knowledge from the marketplace that we’ve been able to bring out a differing and compelling consultancy offering for brands looking to move things on without large investments or taking massive risks.”

“There are many CRM tools and services that claim to support all relationship needs out of the box, these claims should be met with a healthy scepticism. Your CRM system is only as good as the community you inspire.  Unless your system brings in the human elements and helps you to understand, connect and commune appropriately with all of your constituents, it is an expensive and inefficient part of the problem”

Outside of its consultancy services, Milana is also part of the New Brand Tribalism Community designed to increase knowledge and participation in 21st Century business practices. Members come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from CEOs and leaders in HR, Communications, Organisational Development, Management, Marketing and Branding, to academics and analysts predicting future trends.  To find out more contact Milana Marketing or check out the blog at


For Further Information Contact:

Ebenezer Banful/Nazia Khan
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