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EnergySys launches production reporting for everyone

Press release March 2, 2010 Electronics

EnergySys Limited, the specialist supplier of hydrocarbon and production reporting tools, has launched a major new release of its production reporting service.

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The new ENERGYSYS Production Reporting Application is a powerful, web-based service designed to make production reporting accessible and affordable for all sizes of oil and gas operations.

“Our goal is to give users everything to get started with asset reporting in hours rather than months. This is the fastest way to a full-featured system – guaranteed. It’s production reporting for everyone,” said Peter Black, Managing Director of EnergySys.

EnergySys has used all of its ten years of experience in building and supporting production reporting systems in order to create the new Production Reporting Application. It provides more standard reports, like individual well partner reports, cumulative reports by well, field and producer, and reports on water content, production allocation, and metering. All reports can be exported in a wide variety of formats, like PDF, Comma Separated Variable (CSV), Excel and Word.

The Application also includes the processes needed to import and validate data, run daily and monthly allocations, and do reconciliations.  The new scheduler and workflow tools let users run processes on a schedule, creating complex sequences of processes.

“For many customers the tool will be a perfect fit from day one, and there will be no need for any configuration. You'll have all of the power, configurability and ease-of-use of the ENERGYSYS platform right there at your fingertips,” added Peter Black.

For a free demonstration of the new Production Reporting Application, please contact [email protected]

About EnergySys Limited

EnergySys Limited is based in the UK, with offices in Woking and Aberdeen.  The company’s goal is to lead innovation in hydrocarbon allocation and production reporting products and their use within the industry, increasing the value available to end users.


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