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Employees achieve greater results when they are treated fairly

Press release June 3, 2016 Business Market CEO Education Elearning Branding MiniMBA Learning Employees Probana HR Mba Leadership Inspiration Development Career Strategy Global Course International Leader

Research on Social Capital shows that employees achieve greater results when they are treated with respect and are involved in organisational decision-making. When employees thrive in an organisation, bottom-line results improve. Employees who do not thrive at work are often more absent and employee turnover will be higher.

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A company that is well-known for its large Social Capital, holds a great feeling of connectivity among its employees with the desire to achieve collective results. The interest for Social Capital in private and public organisations is increasing, as it is a way of cooperating that contributes to a more efficient way of solving core tasks. Read more at

Leaders are extremely influential with regards to organisations' Social Capital. Many leaders consider how they can increase an organisation's Social Capital. Social Capital is the bedrock for mutual trust and cooperation which results in greater employee satisfaction, less stress and absenteeism. Ultimately, this is reflected in bottom-line results.

Good leadership is crucial to an organisation's growth and attractiveness. As human beings, we are attracted to good leaders, whom are able to motivate, develop and unite. The opposite goes for poor leaders. In other words, it is essential that organisations create good leaders.

Developing an organisation's leaders and hereby the organisation itself, demands continuous new inspiration, knowledge and concrete tools. All these aspects are provided by Probana's international Mini MBA which has become a highly regarded Management education by many leaders across the globe.

Society experiences financial growth. This means that small, mid-sized and large organisations intensify their recruitment process. The demand for the brightest minds increases and as a result, employees become more demanding.  

Leaders want to take management education to reach new levels in their career, while employees want to work under competent leaders. Competent leadership is not only influential to an organisation's bottom-line but also to be able to attract and retain talented employees. It is essential that we ensure this long-term financial growth in order for competent leaders to develop even further through unique inspiration, new tools and personal development.

Probana's Mini MBA is equipped for the future. This management education does not only ensure individual growth but also organisational growth. The Mini MBA is thus a further establishment of the individual career as well as organisational growth and results.

It is imperative that leaders are educated within a short period of time and are able to apply the theoretical tools directly at their work place already after the first course day. This is a main priority at Probana and is also reflected in our integrated modules in the Mini MBA. Focus rests on  hard and soft management tools but also on the applicability of the theories to business settings.

One example is the module about HR and Psychology which provides tools to manage daily HR and Employee Development, but also Communication, Conflict Management and Personal Development. These tools are crucial to be able to manage various aspect of leadership, including 'hard' disciplines such as Strategy and Business Development - the second module of the Mini MBA.

The established e-learning platform, the concrete tools and the competent teaching have all contributed to making Probana's Mini MBA a highly regarded international management education. Every month leaders sign up for our classes in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Berlin, London and Dubai.

By signing up for the Mini MBA, you will become part of a strong global network. This is essential, as the need for international networking increases in accordance to globalisation. Read more at

We look forward to welcoming you.


Business Market CEO Education Elearning Branding MiniMBA Learning Employees Probana HR Mba Leadership Inspiration Development Career Strategy Global Course International Leader