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Elecosoft releases Arcon Evo - the complete CAD solution for architects and building professionals

Press release April 28, 2015

The next generation of its market leading architectural visualisation software

Arcon Evo

Elecosoft is pleased to announce the release of Arcon Evo dedicated to architects, building professionals and designers.

Arcon Evo is a powerful, standalone CAD package for all aspects of building design including residential and large scale developments. The extensive range of design tools allows the user to very quickly produce accurate floor plans, elevations, section details and working drawings together with client friendly visualisations and interactive 3D models. The new development follows the success of its market leading architectural visualisation software, Arcon Visual Architect.

"Arcon Evo software offers significant new updates for designing exteriors and interiors of buildings," comments Arcon product manager for UK, Tim Bates "With a modern user interface, multi-functional toolset, advanced editing capabilities and powerful new engine, detailed plans, elevations and section views can be rapidly drawn on screen and viewed in a fully interactive 3D environment."  

Tim adds "The strength in our new CAD software is its ability to make it as easy as possible for architects and designers to communicate their design ideas to the client and anyone else involved in the building project, so that everyone is clear about what is being proposed thus avoiding costly mistakes along the way."


ELECO provides software and services to the architectural, engineering and construction industries. The group is based principally in UK, Sweden and Germany and has a broad portfolio covering project management, construction, timber engineering and design, 3D visualisation and marketing sectors of the construction industry.