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Educational development to be the foundation of UAE 2021 Growth Strategy

Press release July 27, 2016

The UAE government and H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum presented 12 KPIs in the 2021 vision on the official website, which are to play the most essential role in reaching the 2021 goal for the UAE in becoming a global economic hub.

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Among these KPIs are 'Share of knowledge-workers' and 'Research & Development'. The share of knowledge has been issued by the Ministry of Labor and pertains to the amount of 'skilled workers' increasing from just under 23% in 2014 to 40% in 2021. The term 'skilled workers' refers to legislators, managers, business executives, specialists and technicians i.e. the top level of the classification of occupation (the ISCO - One way of retaining and developing the percentage of skilled workers is through domestic expenditure of research and development - another KPI of the Growth Strategy. The expenditure is expected to rise from 0.5% of GDP in 2012 to 1.5% of GDP in 2021. The overall purpose is to attract and retain skillful labor both domestically and internationally.

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