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ECigarette Images and Graphs Released for Public Use

Press release April 11, 2011 Health

Electronic cigarette charts and graphs from 2009 research has been released for use on blogs, websites and in presentations.

Age electronic cigarette users

There has no been no research into the safety or efficacy of the electronic cigarette. 

That's a claim frequently repeated on the net, and one which, according to Jean Rasbridge, Managing Director of a UK based electronic cigarette company E Cigarette Direct, is simply not true. 

"There is a growing body of research from respected scientists such as Dr Murray Laugeson in New Zealand and Professor Siegel in the US which shows that the electronic cigarette is both safer than cigarettes and is effective as an alternative."

The evidence, she believes, is being ignored.

"We increasingly see claims that the electronic cigarette is aimed at children, or that it leads to an increase in smoking levels, not a decrease.

"Not only is there no evidence to prove that, surveys of users show the opposite is true."

Now Jean is releasing electronic cigarette data in the form of charts and graphs under a creative commons attribution licence from 2009 research into the effects of e-cigarettes on users. 

"By making these images free for re-use we hope that bloggers and webmasters will be able to counter false claims with real data," Jean concluded.