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Easyproducts Announces Growing Popularity Amongst Online Shoppers

Press release January 29, 2009 Lifestyle

The long standing website, catering for the online shopping community, proudly announces a significant rise in visitors and online sales for the first month in 2009.

Already on the net since 3 years, has always focused on the needs of online shoppers and it is designed to make online shopping as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The layout of Easyproducts has been kept simple and the customer is only a few clicks away from what he wants. The site holds hundreds of High Street brands with lots of categories and products to choose from. You will find no advertising, no promotional elements and no irritating pop-ups on Further, the site is free of any hard-sell elements trying to divert the customers attention onto products they did not look for in the first place such as Cash Back Schemes, Credit Cards or other promotional sales campaigns.

With the flood of new price comparison sides and other online models catering for the online shopper community, the majority has faced a lot of criticism rather than praise. Irritating layouts, distracting functionalities and complicated navigation processes have caused customers more headache than joy.

Compared to the competition, the popularity of is based on simplicity and their understanding of what online shoppers really want and it comes as no surprise that the website enjoys a steady rise in customers and returning visitors. The site also deserves credit for having abandoned all additional money-bringing elements such as advertising, all for the sheer benefit of their customers.

Developed and owned by the London based Internet Consultancy Company LTS Media Ltd., will continue to enhance its presence on the web and with such proven business model in place, certainly be ahead of its televised competitors soon.

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