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EasyCheck 900 LAN & Cable Tester

Press release March 15, 2010 IT

Vonaq Ltd, a provider of Network Installation and Maintenance Testers, today announces the launch of its EasyCheck 900 LAN & Cable Tester.

Key Features:

  • 10M/100M/1000M operation
  • Ethernet Port Identity Test checks port speed and configuration
  • Cable Length and Wiremap Tests
  • IP Ping and DHCP Tests– check the IP network connectivity
  • Tone Generator
  • Flash Link LED to identify which switch port is connected
  • Net Scan – identifies what devices are on the network
  • Unique – 3 Year Warranty

 “With the combination of Cable and Ethernet Testing for 10M/100M/1000M Networks in such a compact solution this is a product that beats the obvious competitors in this market space. When you add in the price point of this product, the new EasyCheck 900 becomes a clear market leader that we know our customers will appreciate. In fact we are so confident in our product we are the first in the industry to provide a 3 year warranty”  said Richard Petrie, Managing Director, Vonaq Ltd.

The EasyCheck 900 LAN & Cable Tester is a low-cost device that makes LAN & Cable testing rapid and simple.

For further information on the EasyCheck 900 LAN & Cable Tester, visit their website: or contact them at:

Vonaq Ltd.

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 Vonaq Ltd designs, develops and manufactures handheld network test equipment for TELCO’s, Network installers, maintainers and manufacturers.  With distributors in UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, Vonaq Ltd can help you test and maintain your network in the most cost effective way, wherever you are.