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Easy Telecoms Stamp Out Business Phone Line Fraud

Press release June 6, 2013 Business

Business phone system fraud attacks are crimes costing UK businesses around £1.5 billion per year. Easy Telecoms, part of the successful Easy Utility Group, have been working with and advising their clients on the best ways to avoid being hit with unexpected call charges and to protect themselves from falling victim to this type of crime.

Business telephone systems fraud

In this modern era of communication advancement, every business in some respect is using a business phone line to aid their business growth and stability. Unfortunately, as they grow and advance, cyber criminals have become more aware and are actively on the lookout for ways to increase their own illegal finances and for loopholes to exploit technology such as business phone systems.

Recently the BBC and Business Crime Reduction Centre reported that more and more fraudsters are attacking business phone lines and that this type of crime is costing the UK an estimated £1.5 billion per year. Our nation is amongst the top 5 countries in terms of being exploited and falling victim to business telephone line fraud.

In order to protect your business, you need someone on your side that has experience dealing with this challenging crime. Easy Telecoms know how these criminals work and are a company to turn to ensure your business is protected to the maximum level so that your company finances are not at risk.

Daniel from Easy had this to say: “We recently had a situation with a customer whose system had been hacked. We connected remotely, taking them through a process to fully secure the system. They were then able to restart their comms services quickly. We set up fraud management software that we use on all our SIP trunks to monitor the cost of call traffic, setting up a small daily cost thresh hold. The customer is also informed by email and/or SMS text messages. It has been a real comfort to the customer knowing if the hackers try again they have systems in place to deal with the issue. Sadly we are speaking to more and more customer whose SIP trunks have been hacked and they have not had the correct security in place.”

This type of fraud is usually carried out by hackers who get access to an internal business telephone system, hacking the voicemail which is then diverted through to a massively inflated premium rate number at the expense of the business. Easy Telecoms have been on hand to advise and liaise with customers and suppliers, helping them secure their systems and if there is an attack, getting the issue remedied fast.

Working with a large pool of both SME sized clients and blue chip organisations means that Easy Telecoms have taken this type of crime very seriously and have recommended the following steps to ensure your business does not suffer.

Tips to keep on top of fraud:

  • SMEs that rarely make or receive international or premium calls can ensure these types of calls and diverts are blocked by their supplier
  • Charge limits can be set in most cases - if you do not want to spend more than a certain amount each month then request a charge limit be set so that you cannot go over your agreed usage
  • Frequently change voicemail pin numbers and make sure they are not standard "4321" or "1234" pins
  • Disable call diverts if they are not needed

By simply speaking with Easy Telecoms, their team of specialists will ensure that you do not fall victim to phone line hacking or suffer from financial losses as a result. They will take the hassle of you having to speak with telecoms suppliers and do the leg work on your behalf so that you can concentrate on the job at hand - running your business

To find out more about their range of business telecoms please visit or call 08442 590 060 today.