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Dropship Website Install Breakthrough - New Technology, patent-pending -

Press release October 10, 2009 IT

Dropshipping has been around for a few years now, in the USA and the UK. Now, there is new technology that can install a dropship website business inside 4 minutes, with zero human intervention.

Dropship Patent-pending. The new website solutions, and installation, in days gone by will have been manually installed, taking maybe 2, or 3 days to do.

With new technology from, the new website installation system can now be completed at any time of the day or night, with zero human intervention.

A new dropship website PHP script has been created, which will place the customer in control, and means that a dropship website, populated with a complete product range, or any details, with one click of a computer mouse; saving days of waiting for your ecommerce website.

The patent is pending on the script, which will be a world-wide patent, and will change the way that ecommerce websites are installed. The script may also be licensed through out the ecommerce market-place, and relevant fields in the dropship industry.

Dropshipping is a process whereby a website is pre-populated with products ready to be sold to the open market. The problem has always been based around the timescale of installation, which has now been bypassed, which this new technology. have always been at the cutting edge of ecommerce technology, and this new dropship script, which easily increases the efficiency, and speed of installing any website.

For full details of this dropship website system. You can contact the website directly:

Cathy Bryson