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Door Knobs - different designs and styles

Press release March 30, 2012 Homes & Gardens

Door knobs are available in a number of different styles, here we give you an insight into some of the more popular designs that are available on the market today.

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Door knobs are available in all different styles and a huge array of finishes. In this article we look at the variety of door knobs that you can buy in most DIY shops or online stores.

Mortise Door knobs

A mortise door knob implies the use of a lock or a latch or a bathroom lock that is mortised into the door. This requires wood to be chiselled out of the door to fit the internal latch or lock to be input into the door. The actual door knobs can then be easily screwed onto each side of the door with the connecting bar passing through the latch or lock. This variety are available in a wide variety of styles. Victorian styles are usually a bun shape or can be bought in the shape of a ball shape as well.

The Queen Anne style were designed with much more detailed features, this design features many rings all the way around the door knobs.

Greek door knobs are also to be found in many retail outlets and more often than not these door knobs have a square rose at the base with and oval door knob that is  quite elaborate in design.

There are many variations of styles available and different finishes available; the traditional polished brass, antique brass, chrome and much more. 


These are designed for use with a rim lock or a rim latch. This type of lock and latch are fitted to the outside of a door and not a lot of preparation is needed to the door before fitting them.

Once fitted, on the outside of the door the rim lock or latch will be visable and then there is the easy task of fitting the door knobs. The Rim knobs have no rose and is secured with a grub screww goint through the lock making them distinct from each one of the pair.  As the lock is face fixed to the door there is no possible way of fitting the door knobs to the door.

They are easy to fit, the door knob which fits on the other side to the rim lock, using wood screws the rose is fitted into the fixing holes.   The styles available are exactly the same as the mortise style; Victorian Rim and Queen Anne Rim in a variety of finishes including black antique Rim Knobs.


As the name implies these are centre door knobs, they are fitted to the centre of front doors. This is widely chosen for it's design and added style to the front door. Many years ago the function of these door handles was to allow the user to pull the door closed to be locked. 

Today many locks that are fitted to a front door come with a cylinder pull or even a pair of locking handles however, does not have an impact on their visual statement. There is once again a good variety of centre door knobs in different sizes and finishes. A couple of things to take into consideration when buying these kind of knovs is that they are purchased in single units and they need to be fit through the door with a bolt, this will come with the door knob. The bolt will be visible on the inside of your door.

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