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Don’t Give Up On Your Dream Present In These Credit Crunch Times

Press release September 29, 2009 Lifestyle

In these credit crunchy times you could still be given your dream present, even if you can’t afford to buy it yourself, and it is too expensive a gift for one person to buy.

At, you can set up an online list of all the presents you would love to receive for any occasion, and put absolutely anything from anywhere on it. Simply mark the larger items as available for ‘contributions’, and friends and family can give money towards the item, rather than waste it on a variety of small, possibly unwanted presents.

Perfect for those much wanted Jimmy Choos, the West End theatre tickets, the cashmere throw, or diamond earrings.

As friends and family contribute towards the gift, the money sits in a secure account until you choose to claim it, at which point it will be paid directly into your bank account for you to go shopping with.

How great would it be to know that every penny given is targeted at what you would really love to receive….no waste, no queuing and no making decisions in the dark.

Lynne Bothamley and Kim Brookes, founders of Whatidlove, the free online gift wish list service, are delighted to see the growth in items put on lists for contributions. "It's great that you can still receive presents which are too much for one person to buy, but which friends and family can join together to get you" said Kim Brookes.

For what you are about to receive you will be truly grateful.