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Dods Research reveals new Parliament dominated by primarily one generation: Generation Jones

Press release May 14, 2010 Politics

Torch is passed from Baby Boomer to GenJones Leaders

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With so much news surrounding the 6th of May election, some important results have been obscured. Dod’s Parliamentary Research team has been doing detailed analysis of the election results. One of the interesting facts that Dods uncovered is that a strikingly high percentage of the MPs in the new Parliament come from one generation: Generation Jones.

The generational breakdown of the new Parliament is as follows:
30  MPs who were born 1942 and before……….Mature Generations     
166 MPs who were born 1943 to 1954……………Baby Boom Generation
291 MPs who were born 1955 to 1967…………..Generation Jones
149 MPs who were born 1968 to 1980…………..Generation X
13  MPs who were born  1981 to 1992…………..Generation Y
 (Source: Dods Parliamentary Research)

 After 13 years of Boomer leadership at 10 Downing Street, the torch has been passed to Generation Jones, in Parliament as well as the new coalition government headed by GenJonesers David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Historically, generational transitions in leadership typically mark major shifts in the style and substance of the governance of a nation, and are usually the subject of general and media interest.

 Jonathan Pontell, the social commentator who coined the term “Generation Jones”, has written a new article about this for the political website ePolitix. He points out that Generation Jones “includes not only Cameron and Clegg, but also over two thirds of the current Presidents and Prime Ministers of EU and NATO member countries, including America’s Obama, France’s Sarkozy, and Germany’s Merkel.”(

For more information about Generation Jones, visit For media interviews with Jonathan Pontell, email [email protected] , or phone (0) 7031 816 319.

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Dods was the first organisation to publish information covering all 649 new MPs, with their research team working throughout election night. Dods MP profiles are well known for their quality and accuracy and as a result are used by the BBC Democracy Live website as well as the site. Dods has published profiles of all MPs and Peers since 1832, and is one of the oldest political publishing houses in the world.

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