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Do You Need A Website?

Press release April 20, 2012 Business

Many companies think they need a website however, don't actually know why. Manchester Graphic Designers
Manchester based website designers and website development

Many companies want to create a website for their business however, fear the cost of design and development.

When research was carried out with new UK online businesses, it revealed that there was a 37% increase in turnover with an online presence.

Many people turn to the internet to search for businesses, products or services.  Some people also like the convenience of comparing prices, booking and ordering online, as they can do it 24/7.  The more information and customer testimonials on a website can win potential customers over.

The benefits of having a company Website?

  • You can trade nationally, locally or worldwide
  • Trade 24/7 and 365 days a week
  • You are driving business to your door even when you are asleep
  • New leads/sales from a wider audience.
  • Improvement of customer service

Many companies get it so wrong when designing a website, they either have a website that is so confusing it would be impossible to find anything or it hasn't been updated for so long that it looks like the cave men designed it.  Choosing a good website designer that is not going to break the bank is the first step, always get a few quotes and make sure they understand your end goal for what you want a website for.

Internet surfers, use the internet for convenience, if they land on a site that is over complicated or difficult to navigate then they will be off like a shot.  Remember your website acts as your shop window so therefore must make a lasting impression for all the right reasons.  You don't have to have the most flashy website within your industry, the most important points are:

  • Looks clean and crisp.
  • Potrays your brand and your business
  • Easy to navigate backwards and forwards
  • Has detailed information about products/service
  • Testimonials are key, they build trust.
  • Remember the look and feel of your website represents you as a business or a service provider, it has to create trust. 
  • Social network buttons (a good website designer will offer this functionality).

Not using your website to it's full potential?

Many companies who invest in a web presence, make the big mistake that is all they have to do to start trading online.  Wrong, this is when the real investment kicks in as you need to market it, people do not get onto the first pages of Google without any effort.

Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Usually outsourced to a specialist company, less cost on time and money.  A good SEO company will do your on page development for Google requirements, directory submissions, build links from relevant companies, press releases, article distribution and update website blog.

Pay per click (PPC) - You pay google to advertise on sponsored links, every time someone clicks on your advert you pay Google a cost.  This can be very expensive if not set up right or using competitive keywords.

Onlie Directories - Don't waste your money on paid directories, they are over rated and very unlikely to appear on the first pages of Google for your search terms.  Source free directories such as Dmoz, Touch Local etc...

Social Networking - Create a business page on Facebook and Twitter, then put 'like' buttons on your website and follow us on Twitter.  This will drive traffic if updated on a regualar basis, usually your SEO company will do this for you.

This is not an extensive list of online marketing however, are the most important to make your new website start to make you money.

Online marketing v's traditional marketing

A website is usually built on a customer management system (CMS) which, is easily updated, to promote new products, services, special offers or information.  If any information is incorrect, it can becorrected in seconds, that can not be said in many traditional marketing methods.

For example; if you put an advert in the Yellow Pages paper publication and your phone number is wrong, then it can not be rectified for 12 months.  Making the investment a waste of money.

Most people in this day and age will use a search engine to find a business rather than go and get a local directory.  Plus traditional advertising is usually local which, doesn't drive leads from the outside of the area as the internet does.

In conclusion

By having a good website the awareness of your brand is increased, your customers have access to information 24/7 and increased business. Using the right marketing tools available, investment in a website opens up new opportunites to drive more leads to your door.

Even the smallest webiste should be designed and structured by a good website designer who understands the end objectives - is an investment for your business and its perception when properly implemented.

Design Dyanamos build websites to suit customers needs, objectives and business requirements.  Our professional web design service allows us to build sites that can grow with the needs of the business.  Visit



Business Manchester Graphic Designers
Manchester based website designers and website development
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