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Do You Know the Cost of Printing in your Organisation?

Press release June 21, 2012 Business

Companies and organisations spend a huge amount of money on printing each year and do not know the actual cost of printing in house.

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Most companies do not understand or know the total cost of printing as they do not have the knowledge or the control to manage their print spending. When companies do analyse the cost, they turn to a managed print services company to take control of their printing spend and gain visibility into their actual printing costs. This helps many companies free up their expenditure to focus on more important areas within the business that needs funding to improve efficiency and drive a competitive advantage.

Printing costs are often overlooked in budgets however, amount to a high cost. Document printing has associated costs such as supplies, maintenance and yearly service. It has been proven that a managed print service can save a company up to 30% on their printing costs, which has to make a real impact on budgets.

Many hotels turn to managed print services to take control of their document production, making more time to focus on their guests satisfaction, spending time printing their information booklets, menus etc. would be a huge cost in time and money.

British Telecoms have outsourced their printing to reduce their carbon footprint by 50%, making a environmental statement it has helped advance their competitive position as one of the world's largest IP network operators.

Outsourcing printing to a managed print services provider can make a real impact on the environment by reducing paper wastage, toner and power savings and therefore reducing carbon production and landfill waste.

A professional managed print company will carry out a full assessment (free of charge), identifying the good, the bad and indifferent within your printing environment. They will identify where an organisation can save money on their printing costs. They will also provide examples of their printing quality to show what their end results will be. They will give a full detailed project report and allocated a dedicated project manager to ensure that the transition will be smooth. Managed printing should provide you with a service that is not only professional but meets all your requirements and proves a a real return on investment.

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