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Do You Know Spanish Wedding Traditions?

Press release March 12, 2014 Spain Wedding Wedding destinations Spain Wedding destinations in Spain

Wedding Tradition

Famous as Festival Weddings around the world, Spanish marriages follow a unique tradition and have several variations. The article attempts to explain that tradition in brief.

In any country, wedding traditions are largely influenced by the country’s cultural heritage. The Spanish weddings are not different; in fact these weddings are truly special. These marriages are decked with colorful events that highlight the rich culture and tradition of the country. If you are planning to marry here, know the traditions completely for a memorable event.

Different Customs of Spanish Wedding

The marriage traditions in Spain differ from place to place. Read below to know these customs.

  • Gold Coins –This custom makes this marriage unique. The groom gifts thirteen Arras or gold coins to the bride in a beautifully decorated box. The specialty ofthis coin is that it is blessed by the priest that represents Jesus and the twelve Apostles. The exchanging of coin by the groom symbolizes his lifelong commitment towards the bride. It is a promise that he will be with her for his entire life.
  • Bridal Gown –The wedding dresses for both bride and groom holds special significance in the country. Generally in weddings in Spain, brides prefer wearing black dresses made of silk that is followed by a lovely lace mantilla veil. The shirt for the groom is embroidered by the bride, which he wears on the big day. The bride wears a special type of jewelry for the special day known as earrings with pizazz.


  • Marriage Ceremony –No matter which wedding destination in Spain you choose, the number of guests usually counts 200 to 300. The celebration starts in the early evening and lasts until the wee hours of the next day. Once the couple exchanges vows, they are wrapped with a rosary. This symbolizes sacred union. The ceremony is popularly known as Lasso.


  • Marriage Dance –Any marriage in Spain is incomplete without sequidillas manchegas – the traditional dance. This dance is performed by couples and guests both. A live band performance is mandatory in this ceremony.
  • Marriage Dinner –As the marriage is in Spain, you will get to eat a variety of delicious Spanish cuisines. The dinner starts very late and usually includes a common dish known as paella. Local wines and wedding cake filled with almonds are fruits are also served.
  • Marriage Reception –Once the vows are exchanged, you will get to see colorful fireworks. Additionally, flower petals and rice are the major ingredients of this ceremony.These marriages do not end with wedding speech.

If you are thinking of tying knots, then surely this guide on traditions will be of an immense help to you.




Spain Wedding Wedding destinations Spain Wedding destinations in Spain