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Do you have everything you need to move home

Press release February 17, 2012 Lifestyle

Packing correctly is imperative

Moving home can be stressful, trying to remember everything and making sure it’s all packed up securely to ensure it doesn’t get damaged in transit is imperative. This article will look at what kind of packing materials are best to use when packing up home.

Boxes: When packing up home, the obvious options are boxes.Boxes are perfect to prevent damage in transit and they are great for storing a range of goods.

Tissue paper: When packing up the kitchen there are so many delicate items. Plates and glasses should be wrapped intissue paper then placed in the cardboard box to prevent them being smashed or damaged.

Duvets and curtains should be placed in protective bags to prevent them getting dirty in transit. If you are placing them in a box you could put smaller items around the duvets and curtains for extra protection.

Bubble Wrap: You may want to wrap your best furniture in bubble wrap to protect against damage. Anything from a scratch or dent can be seriously detrimental to your furniture’s appearance so make sure you invest in some bubble wrap to offer the best protection against transit damage.

Now you have everything packed away safely, make sure you tape your boxes up so that nothing falls out. You have everything you need to pack away safely, but remember, there are many things that you have to consider when moving home. We found this great check list online, print it off and give yourself piece of mind that you have left nothing behind.

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