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Divorce rates predicted to rise in 2008.

Press release November 4, 2007 Public

A leading expert in the divorce industry predicts increase in divorce rate.

1st November 2007, Swindon, United Kingdom

A leading expert in the divorce industry is predicting that the falling divorce rates seen over the last 10 years will reverse in 2008.

Mark Keenan, the founder and legal Director of low cost online divorce service is predicting that the number of couples filing for divorce in 2008 will increase due to the financial pressures being placed on failing marriages following the recent fallout from the Northern Rock debacle and the world wide credit crunch.

With the Council of Mortgage Lenders predicting a 50% increase in home repossessions and many experts predicting a crash in the property market, these financial burdens will simply place too much strain on couples leading to the predicted increase.

Divorce-Online has seen an 80% increase in the number of divorce packages sold during the second half of 2007 and they attribute this to the worsening situation in the economy and an increase in awareness of low cost divorce services against traditional high street Solicitors.

Divorce-Online said that 60% of all the petitions prepared for their clients in this period were on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour and that 70% of those petitions included matters relating to financial problems.

Some 132,562 couples split in 2006, the lowest since 1984.

Divorce Facts for Editors
One in three people get divorced nowadays and the latest figures for 2006 showed 132,562 divorces in England & Wales, where one in five of these were second divorces.

Over 60% of users of the Divorce-Online service are women

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