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Disney “Fruit” May Hold Weight Loss Answer

Press release October 9, 2009 Health

An exotic “fruit” made famous by a classic Walt Disney film has been unveiled as a secret weapon in the fight against obesity.

The prickly pear – beloved by Baloo the bear in Disney’s classic The Jungle Book – has been found to have fat binding properties – making it a powerful weapon in the war on weight gain.


The “fruit” – actually a type of cactus – has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries by peoples such as the ancient Aztecs.

Now scientists have developed a new product derived from the prickly pear which they claim can significantly aid weight loss.

The 100 per cent organic product – named Proactol - has been clinically proven in trials to bind with fat. When taken after a meal it allows the body to expel around 30 per cent more fat – meaning the body absorbs almost a third less fat from food than it would otherwise.

It differs from most other weight loss products on the market by being entirely organic and derived from a plant. Most weight loss supplements include synthetic chemical ingredients.

The team behind Proactol developed a way for people to obtain the health benefits of eating the prickly pear in an easy to swallow tablet form – rather than as a hard to handle cactus – which even Baloo in the movie famously had problems picking.

The development has been hailed as a breakthrough by weight loss experts and by the hundreds of Proactol customers who have already managed to shed significant amounts of weight.

The product’s website includes dozens of testimonials from happy dieters. But the company behind the product is quick to point out that Proactol is not a miracle cure for obesity and is most effective as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Phone shop worker Sophie Silva, 24, from West Sussex, has been taking proactol since September and has lost a stone and a half.

She said: “I have joint and muscle problems so working out at the gym is really difficult for me. My doctor told me to look online for a fat binder and that’s how I found out about Proactol.

“I was sceptical about taking a supplement but Proactol is 100 per cent natural and organic so I decided to give it a go. I’ve been taking it after every meal and it is the first time in my life I have managed to lose any weight.

“I think it’s brilliant. It’s not a miracle pill, you still have to watch what you eat but it has enabled me to lose weight and I had tried every diet in the book before this without success. Also I have had no side effects whatsoever. I would recommend Proactol to anyone. It really does make a massive difference.”

Dr Ikram Abidi, a GP with a special interest in nutrition, said: “We all know that being obese or over weight significantly enhances one’s risks of developing heart disease, diabetes and other ailments.

“Proactol does its role effectively as is shown by the trials, studies and numerous testimonials. For a health care practitioner, two concerns are of utmost importance while choosing any drug or supplement for a person. First, its efficacy - how effectively and quickly it works and is it backed by credible and documented clinical trials and studies? The second concern is of safety, is it free of significant side effects and does it offer better person’s compliance over the long term use, if needed?

“Proactol offers both - it is scientifically proven and tested to bring maximum results and has high safety profile, as has been shown in several clinical studies. Right from its natural, organic composition to its novel mode of action of binding with fat efficiently, Proactol comes with innovative fitness and weight loss benefits”

In the 1967 Disney movie Baloo the bear sang about the prickly pear cactus in the classic song The Bare Necessities.

In the song Baloo, the bear loved by generations of children and voiced by actor Phil Harriss, tells “man cub” Mowgli how a life of leisure can be achieved by living off the land – if you know the tricks.

Baloo sings: “Now when you pick a pawpaw,

Or a prickly pear,
And you prick a raw paw,
Next time beware,
Don't pick the prickly pear by the paw,
When you pick a pear,
Try to use the claw,
But you don't need to use the claw,
When you pick a pear of the big pawpaw,
Have I given you a clue?
The bare necessities of life will come to you,
They'll come to you!”

Proactol product manager Katie Downing-Howitt said: “We aren’t claiming Proactol is a miracle cure for obesity but it is clinically proven to bind with fat and, as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle, does assist weight loss.”

She added: “It’s ironic that Disney’s animators gave prickly pear munching Baloo a rather cuddly figure. Perhaps if they knew what we know now about the prickly pear he would have been much skinnier!”


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