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Press release November 1, 2017

Founder & CEO of Digital Works, Nicolai Haeggelin, Publishes the First International Book on How to Succeed with Social Selling Leadership on LinkedIn

Copenhagen, November 1, 2017: Nicolai Haeggelin, founder and CEO of Digital Works, has written a new book titled B2B Social Selling Execution to address the essence of successful social selling and execution on LinkedIn.

B2B Social Selling Execution is the first of its kind on the market, and focuses 100% on selling through LinkedIn. The book is written as a practical guide for both directors and managers seeking to capitalize on the principles and techniques of social selling leadership, and is packed with how-to’s, best practices and case studies focusing on leveraging social selling for success.

“We live in a global market where selling takes place in an instant and it doesn’t always matter where business and customer are located,” said Haeggelin. “My vision for writing the book has been to enable leaders throughout the world to execute successful social selling for their businesses.”

The book covers topics such as the nature of social selling, the power of social and challenger sales and steps to launch a successful social selling program. In addition, the author includes a Social Selling Blueprint, a detailed plan for preparing, launching and maintaining a social selling initiative for companies of all sizes. Throughout the covered topics, the book maintains a strong focus on Social Selling in the B2B sector, and how to succeed in the challenging, yet potentially rewarding, new world of sales – the world of social selling.

Receive a free chapter from the book here.

The book is available for purchase as a hardcover book at the book’s publisher, Digital Works, as well as on Amazon.

About the Author
Since 1998, Nicolai Haeggelin has worked professionally with digital media, and is the founder and CEO of Digital Works. Nicolai has seven years of social selling experience, and has trained more than 9,000 professionals on how to leverage LinkedIn for business success. He is currently training companies, such as Microsoft, Implement Consulting Group and Danske Bank in social selling. Nicolai has already published several books on the professional use of LinkedIn.



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