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Digi-products lets you reach 50,000 customers before lunch

Press release January 30, 2009 PR

When it's vital to turn an idea into action fast, Digi-products lets you create and distribute marketing campaigns in just hours or minutes.

Turning a great idea into a full marketing campaign can get bogged down in the long drawn-out traditional creative process, but now Digi-products offer you the tools to create a fully branded campaign and get it in front of thousands of customers before lunch.

Instead of spending days or weeks briefing an agency, choosing a design, marking up changes, signing off proofs, printing and mailing, content can be entered straight into a standard or fully customised Digi-products template to create ready-to-use Flash, PDF and .exe format brochures and covering email in just hours or minutes.

This flexibility enables a rapid response to any circumstance by turning thoughts into actual campaigns without losing impetus or conceding any time advantage to competitors.

With templates already set up with company logo, colours, images and identity, employees can enter headlines, text, images and tables themselves, knowing that the resulting high quality materials will meet all corporate and brand guidelines without having to call in an agency. Amendments can be made at any time to tweak text or replace an image with no added cost.

The integrated suite of branded, multi-format digital materials generated by Digi-products is distributed fast by email and provides real-time reporting every time a customer clicks a link to view a document on screen.

“Speed is vital at a time when changes hit markets without notice and Digi-products give companies the ability to respond swiftly that is not possible with printed materials,” explains David Boyland, managing director of Digi-products Ltd.

“When every minute counts, digital marketing helps businesses win and retain customers.”

• For a demonstration of Digi-products in action, please call 0118 9841567 or email [email protected]. More details are available at