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Designer Jewellery Brand Goes International

Press release March 18, 2008 Culture

UK based jewellery brand Nathalie Melville, specializing in hand made pieces, expands onto into the wholesale market this year in both the UK and paris shows.

Fine Jeweller turned designer brand, nathalie melville, will be exhibiting at International Jewellery London 2008 followed by Premiere Classe: Paris 2008. (Dates and stand locations to be announced in pre show press release).

Following her degree at Central Saint Martins Nathalie has been working alongside clients on private commissions, from engagement rings to opera style necklaces and exhibiting in a few select shows. This autumn sees her launch on the international trade scene.

"Last night I dreamt I went back to Manderley...."

Showcasing Nathalie's signature carved lacework at it's most intricate the Manderley collection is a stunning body of work. Inspired by the opening line of Daphne du Maurier's famous novel ‘Rebecca' this collection harks back to the haunting tale of lies, deception and secrets hidden beneath the water's edge.

With each piece hinged at various points movement is a key aspect of the collection, allowing the jewellery to move in harmony with the body. Broken into three sections: Linear, Cup, and Diamond, Manderley provides beautifully delicate pieces in sterling silver, 18ct Vermeil and faceted gems, (rubies/emerald/topaz/aquamarines).

Kensington Gardens is an almost whimsical collection, combining Nathalie's signature carved detail with her love of storytelling. Inspired by the gnarled tree trunk in Kensington Gardens with it's little figures from famous childrens tales carved into the crevasses, each piece depicts a scene or moment.

From lovers on an overgrown branch to a penny farthing seemingly being ridden out of a brooch this collection evokes an feeling of old fashion charm. Each made from silver with 18ct Vermeil highlights with gems, (rubies, topaz, citrine).