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Press release February 10, 2010 Culture

Releasing in cinemas across UK and worldwide on 26th February 2010

Karthik Calling Karthik 1

Having just been nominated for ‘Best Actress’ at the forthcoming Screen Awards, radiant A-list model turned actress, Deepika Padukone is set to dazzle audiences once again in the upcoming ‘Karthik calling Karthik’, releasing in cinemas across UK and worldwide on 26th February 2010. The gifted actress will be seen in her leading role opposite co-star Farhan Akhtar in this much-awaited romantic thriller.

Deepika plays a pivotal role in the film that sees an introvert called ‘Karthik’ (Farhan Akhtar) overcome a life changing scenario in which a captivating journey begins of a man’s victory against all odds.  Deepika’s role as ‘Shonali’, Karthiks love interest, is sure to be another show stopping performance and likely to gain widespread critical praise.


‘Karthik calling Karthik’ is a soulful and romantic thriller about a shy and introvert individual called Karthik.  He suffers huge confidence issues and is miserable with the mundane tasks and average results of his everyday life.  His boss treats him like dirt and Shonali, his colleague and love interest, doesn’t even know he exists.  Karthik believes that life can’t get any worse until suddenly, it happens; the phone rings.  Karthik speaks to a man who also claims to be Karthik with the answers to changing Karthik’s life.  The voice over the phone soon becomes his guide, mentor and friend and most importantly the secret to unlocking his love life.  Shonali and Kathik’s lives begin to change in unimaginable ways.

Having made her grand acting debut opposite Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Om Shanti Om’, she has more than proved her mettle beyond her beauty, in film roles directed by the likes of award-winning Imtiaz Ali and Farhan Akhtar among others.

Get ready to be wowed by Deepika Padukone once more as ‘Karthik Calling Karthik’ releases in cinemas across UK and worldwide on 26th February 2010.