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Debt Relief for Americans

Press release April 23, 2012 Economy

Credit Card Debt

After years of buying on credit with no thought of the consequences, many Americans have found their personal debt rising and rising. It is estimated that the average American household has nearly $10,700 in credit-card debt, with interest rates running in the mid to high teens it seems as though there is no way out of this mess. The debt just keeps mounting up. However there is help out there, with websites such as offering useful advice. 

How can they get out of this mess?

American people need to make lifestyle changes in order to solve their debt problems. If their debt is relatively small (under $10,000) this can be done by making a few simple but effective changes. They should firstly reduce the amount of credit cards they own; cut up all except one, only for use in emergencies. Spending should only be on what they need; not on what they want. Items of want should be saved up for.

The one credit card kept should be one with the lowest interest rate, and credit card companies often offer low interest schemes for a certain amount of time, so it is important to shop around before choosing a credit card.

Everything bought should be written down; therefore it is easy to see where cut-backs can be made. This enables some money to be set aside each month to pay off some of the accumulated debt.

When paying debts off, it is important to start by firstly paying off the balances of loans or credit cards that charge the most interest, while paying at least the minimum due on all other debt. Once the high-interest debt is paid off, next highest should then be paid, and so on.

What if the debt is greater than $10,000?

For those with debts of greater than $10,000 debt relief services such as debt settlement and debt elimination can be used. These services work with a firm that helps negotiate with creditors and reduce up to 60% of what is originally owed. Creditors are willing to take the maximum return they can get because if bankruptcy is filed for, they will get nothing back. Debt reductions help increase determination to pay back debts and help many people out of this terrible situation. Such debt relief services are becoming increasingly popular and debt settlement is definitely a preferred option when it comes to such situations.