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Danish luxury kitchens in London.

Press release January 17, 2012 Homes & Gardens

The Danish kitchen manufacturer uno form has now added yet another market to its portfolio of exclusive dealers. uno form has just entered the UK market, right in the heart of metropolitan London, a mecca for luxury brands.

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The Danish kitchen manufacturer uno form has now added yet another market to its portfolio of exclusive dealers. uno form has just entered the UK market, right in the heart of metropolitan London, a mecca for luxury brands. With 14 million inhabitants (Greater London), there is a large number of affluent individuals, which is exactly uno form’s core target group.

Almost all the world’s luxury kitchen manufacturers are represented in London with impressive showrooms and products that differ greatly in style and character. Here you will find Italian, German, French and, of course, English kitchens – and now also Danish kitchen design. 

“While both the Germans and Italians are represented with highly minimalistic kitchens, and the English master the ‘country style’ kitchens, we are the obvious representative of clean and functional Scandinavian design,” says Business Development Manager Peter Bisgaard from uno form, adding: “We regard this as a huge plus, as the interest being shown in particularly Scandinavian design is growing strongly worldwide at the moment – not least in London.”

uno form’s first dealer on the UK market boasts considerable experience at selling both kitchens and bathrooms. For more than 40 years, British Bathroom Centre has been a market leader within the design and sale of exclusive bathrooms and bedrooms. However, several years ago kitchens were added to the range, under the name Ella Jade Interiors. The company has five showrooms in London, including a showroom in Hampstead which is exclusively reserved for architects and developers. The very biggest showroom – Oxgate House – is situated in north-west London, and extends across three floors, one of which is devoted entirely to kitchens. The kitchen department in Oxgate House has just been completely renovated, and uno form occupies a prime position with a 100 m2 uno form Studio.

Together with Ella Jade Interiors, uno form has plans to fit out yet another department in 2012 which will cover approx. 120 m2 in a new showroom in Islington in north London, as well as a kitchen exhibition at their showroom in Portman Square (just off Wigmore Street, London’s unlikely ‘kitchen alley’). In addition to these three showrooms, Ella Jade Interiors also has two showrooms in Hampstead. All the showrooms feature inspiring product displays which are intended to lead customers to Oxgate House, where full-time specialist designers are based, working exclusively with designing kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. The final designs are produced as hand-drawn and hand-coloured drawings, and are one of the company’s hallmarks.

“The partnership with our new dealer is the direct result of participating at the international kitchen show LivingKitchen in Cologne, Germany, in January 2011, where Ella Jade Interiors’ owners were just a handful of the many interested and potential new dealers who visited our stand,” tells Peter Bisgaard from uno form, adding: “Many of the people visiting LivingKitchen were looking for natural, exclusive and unique kitchens, and in this respect uno form is an outstanding example.”

About uno form

For 43 years, uno form has embodied innovative and uncompromising Danish kitchen design. A uno form kitchen is your guarantee of the finest joinery created by passionate craftsmen of long-standing tradition.

uno form was originally developed by the ingenious visionary Arne Munch, who in 1968 designed the very first uno form kitchen. The kitchen offered a radical alternative to the inflexible, heavily crafted kitchens of the day, which allowed neither freedom nor originality in terms of kitchen layout. From the basement of his home in Lyngby, Arne Munch created an entirely new kitchen concept, whose simple innovative design revolutionised kitchens.

uno form, which in Latin means one form, is based on the concept of a square module that can be used independently, irrespective of need and room layout. Arne Munch constructed a simple square module measuring 60x60x60 cm, which fulfilled a wide range of practical production and fitting requirements while offering infinite permutations.

Arne Munch was inspired by the attractive and original cabinet furniture of the time and insisted on incorporating this same elegance and high quality into his kitchen design. With this in mind, he created the uno form kitchen with its characteristic slotted fronts, which have made uno form a genuine Danish design classic that has retained its originality for 43 years. With the refined slotted design, Arne Munch also introduced the handle-free kitchen, a revolution that highlighted both functionality and aesthetics. 

uno form’s classic simple format, pure lines and sublime functionality epitomise timeless Danish kitchen design, enabling it to rise above passing trends. Every kitchen is made at the factory in Farsoe, where great emphasis is placed on the joinery. A great deal is crafted manually. For example, all units are assembled and sanded by hand, which is crucial to the final finish and quality. 

uno form is sold by our exclusive uno form kitchen studios in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Germany and UK.


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