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Daniel Agger to help Solid top the league in Europe

Press release October 3, 2013 Fashion

Through its new concept, The Denim Journey, Danish fashion brand Solid aims to raise its position as a leading jeans brand in Europe to even greater heights. One man is set to help Solid to the top of the league in both Denmark and Europe. His name is Agger. Daniel Agger. The current captain of the Danish national football team and rock-solid defender at Liverpool FC will front Solid's latest campaign, Peter Mazur, CEO of parent company CNS Group sums it up. This endorsement is a decision which is both logical and a huge bonus to Solid’s profile and branding to the next level.

Solid Agger

”I'm struggling to think of anyone else who shows as much pride and loyalty when representing Denmark within Europe. Daniel Agger is passionate, dedicated and goal-orientated. And on top of all that, he's a fighter with God-given skills.” 

These might have been the words of a proud national coach or club manager who had succeeded in coaxing Daniel Agger away from Liverpool. Yet the man who has persuaded Agger to join his team hails from a very different world. 

In the coming months, Danish fashion brand Solid will be launching their new jeans concept, The Denim Journey, and CEO Peter Mazur is clearly delighted that Daniel Agger has agreed to front this Solid campaign at the official launch.

Peter Mazur explains”Everything that Daniel stands for and the way he represents Denmark is fully in line with Solid's values. We are proud of being a Danish company and an exponent of Danish design and quality. Although we have worked very hard to reach our current position in men's fashion both in Denmark and Europe, we've still got ambitions to grow much further. Because of this, Solid and Daniel Agger make an excellent team,” 

Peter describes Solid as a company that remains firmly footed in spite of harbouring great ambitions – just like Daniel Agger. This is another reason why Solid and Daniel Agger make a strong and credible team. 

Daniel Agger is looking forward to working with Solid.

”I'm proud to be Danish and proud to be representing Denmark – at Liverpool as well as on the national team. When a company with similar values and sense of pride offers me the chance to help them market themselves based on these values, I see that as an exciting opportunity. And apart from that, I think their clothes are really cool", says Daniel Agger. 

Already by the end of 2013, the teamwork between Daniel Agger and Solid will be evident in stores throughout Europe, thereby marking the start of a new era for the Danish fashion brand.