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Cutler Integrative Medicine In Michigan Is Your Source For Holistic Medicine Solutions

Press release December 5, 2014 Michigan Holistic Doctor

Cutler Integrated Medicine provides techniques and products to improve overall health in area residents. No pharmaceuticals are used in the course of therapy.

Bingham Farms MI, 05-DECEMBER-2014 - Cutler Integrative Medicine and Dr. Doug Cutler, ND are pleased to announce that holistic medicine solutions are available to those in Michigan who want improved health without the need for drugs or surgery. The Michigan Holistic Doctor is knowledgeable about the overall body health and wellness which is incorporated in any regimen of care. The clinic takes advantage of the latest knowledge and techniques in healing, using customized health care, naturopathic practices, health education and support for patients seeking to improve body, spirit and mind.

Integrative medicine, as practiced by Dr. Cutler combines the best of naturopathic and environmental medicine to address the needs of patients who do not want to continue with ineffective and potentially dangerous traditional medical practices. Naturopathic techniques make use of naturally occurring products and methods to promote the body's ability to heal itself.

The additional skills of Dr. Cutler are in the field of environmental medicine. Through appropriate testing he will determine if there are environmental toxins which are present in the body of the patient. Tests include blood and urine analysis. When toxins are present, they add to the burdens of the body and make good health more difficult. The doctor has the knowledge to eliminate these toxins from the body.

Some of the specific methods which are used to lower toxic levels in the body include detoxification, chelation and depuration therapy. Eliminating the physical toxins is accompanied by biological toxin removal and emotional stress reduction to improve the patient's overall health.

Learn more about methods for improving health using integrative medicine by going to the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have questions about the contents of this press notice are invited to consult with Dr. Cutler at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Doug Cutler, ND
Company Name: Cutler Integrated Medicine
Address: 31350 Telegraph Rd, Suite 102, Bingham Farms MI, 48025
Contact Telephone Number: (248) 663-0165
Contact Fax Number: (248) 594-9493
Email: [email protected]


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