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Press release July 6, 2012 Homes & Gardens

Picture & Photo framing Online

You may have a picture that you have been meaning to frame for quite some time; well there is no time like the present. Whatever the room, you can create a bespoke frame to match the theme, colour and size of the room while complimenting the picture.

There are many different frames on the market and picking the right mount can also be difficult, as they have all got to match and complement each other.

The best option is to create the perfect frame online; this method of designing a frame can save you time and money in the long run.  You can design and tweak the full process at the click of a button, with the added benefit of uploading the desired picture to see how it looks before purchase. It’s really quick and easy to do plus you can enter the precise measurements to get the correct size.  

When selecting the correct frame, you need to look at the room the picture will be situated in. If the room is contemporary then the frame should comprise of contemporary features, such as a white mount and black frame. If the room has a traditional style wooden frames work well, with a cream mount. A great touch is a double mount, which consists of the first main mount that is complimented by a second mount within this. If you have a black frame, then a secondary black mount will further compliment the picture and frame.  

Once the online process is complete, the hard work is left to the professionals, and you can sit back, relax and await you new picture frame.



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