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Crystal Glassware Craftsmen Of Gurasu Stun The World With New Champagne Collection

Press release January 11, 2013 Business

The Beautiful Elegance of Aurora & Katherine Takes The Breath Away

Anyone who loves crystal glassware will no doubt fall for the quality, sophistication and elegance of the new Gurasu collection.

Gurasu are fast becoming the new standard in making available the world’s finest crystalto all wine-lovers, whiskey drinkers, and lovers of champagne around the globe.  Produced by the foremost manufacturers and artisans in Hungary, Poland, The Czech Republic and Slovenia,Gurasu have a stunning range of beautiful hand-crafted crystal glassware for any occasion.

Gurasu create stunning selections that include the unique rainbow crystal collection, crystal whiskey glasses, sophisticated wedding ring champagne glasses, wine goblets and elegant tall crystal champagne flutes that are ideal for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, or for adding to anyone’s own crystal collection.

Take for instance this special Set of 6 Champagne Flutes that are delicately engraved with the Aurora pattern:


“Inspired by romance and love,” says Joanna Matyjaszczuk, “people can raise a wonderful toast to their wedding, or anniversary with friends, in real style and beauty. These flutes feature the characteristic weight of best quality hand-crafted, fine crystal and are ideal for serving champagne or sparkling wine.”

Or there’s this very elegant set of Katherine Wine Glasses and Decanter:


“This beautiful Katherine Wine Set encompasses the luxuries experienced when drinking wine,” says Joanna. “Composed of Tulip Wine Decanter and Katherine wine glasses it is an ideal idea for a gift or for anyone wanting to add something unique to their glassware collection for special occasions.”

But Gurasu crystal glassware isn’t all about drinking fine wines and whiskies, for the famed artisans also produce some wonderful vases such as this Victoria Vase.


“Whether you use it to display a dried arrangement or a bouquet of roses,” says Joanna proudly,“this 33cm glass vase makes a striking statement on any table.”

Crystal glassware quite simply adds sparkle and greater quality to one’s collection of drinking vessels but more importantly perhaps is the fact that lead crystal glasses have a big impact on the aroma of wines and spirits. That’s because crystal is coarser than ordinary glass and is also more porous, hence they are so well-used in restaurants and bars and hotels and on lavish occasions such as fancy parties and weddings.

Much of the Gurasu range continues to be hand-crafted in reputable glass factories whose artisans meet the highest standard in hand making crystal.  Gurasu combines the ultimate in function with eye-catching appeal to make it the perfect choice for your home or as a gift.

Just by holding the glass and feeling the depth of the cut you can tell its outstanding quality.

About Gurasu:

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38 Lichfield Road, London, NW2 2RG. Phone: 0203 664 8694. Email: [email protected]