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Crystal Gifts For Him & Her From Europe’s Top Artisans

Press release February 28, 2013 Food & Wine

Gurasu Unveil Stunning New Range Of Valentine’s Day Glassware

Any love birds looking for something a little different to give to their loved one are sure to be seduced by the simply stunning new offerings from top crystal craftsfolkGurasu.

With Gurasu you find the finest crystals produced in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary – the countries with the richest heritage and established reputation in crystal craftsmanship.

“Much of the Gurasu range continues to be hand crafted in reputable glass factories whose artisans meet the highest standard in hand making all types of crystal glassware from crystal vases to crystal lamp shades, wine goblets to martini glasses and champagne flutes,” says press officer Joanna Matyjaszczuk.

“Whatever they turn their hands to, Gurasu combine the ultimate in function with eye-catching appeal to make it the perfect choice for your home or as a gift.”

Just by holding the glass and feeling the depth of the cut you can tell its outstanding quality, Joanna adds.

Gurasu is tuned up to bring bespoke quality, as illustrated by the following examples:


“This stunning bowl is a unique example of how shapeful crystal can be,” says Joanna. “A simple cut at the bottom makes the crystal to radiance throughout every single curve up to the top.”


This crystal bowl presents a beautifully flourished flower and is a metaphor of a cherished love and friendship.


“This design,” says Joanna,“is so beautiful it defies description in many ways. However, there is one thing that can definitely be said about it – it brings about a feeling of elegance and sophistication in a massive way. The Pure Elegance pattern is a stunning combination of brilliance and clarity.”


Enhancing the aesthetics of the whiskey served in it, the Pure Elegance would seem to define traditional drinkware styling even while transcending it.

Gurasu also create stunning crystalvases, wine goblets, and coloured crystal wine glasses that would look great in the hands of your beloved male.

And then there are these that are sure to bring a smile to any loved-up couple celebrating a new union or many years of blissful romantic happiness -


“Simplicity is the key to sophistication,” says Joanna, “so if lovers are looking to drink from the ultimate martini glass and add a touch of elegance to their cocktail hour then look no further than the fabulous Aurora martini glass set.”

With a subtle crystal cut design and flawless finish, these beautiful glasses are a shining example of crystal craftsmanship at its best and will take pride of place in any cocktail cabinet.


So, there you have it, a small taste of the sumptuous crystal craftsmanship of Gurasu that will bring delight and pleasure to any Valentines couples who appreciate sophistication this year.

Also included in the range is the beautiful Gurasuvases, exquisite crystal wine glasses and gorgeously designed decanters.

About Gurasu:

Contact Info: 38 Lichfield Road, London, NW2 2RG. Phone: 0203 664 8694. Email: [email protected]



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